Canadian jets drop first bombs on "Islamic State" stronghold in Syria

Israel’s best friend: Stephen Harper
Canada’s Conservative government, like the Obama administration, has seized on ISIS atrocities to portray the US military intervention in Iraq and Syria as “anti-terrorist” and “humanitarian mission.”

Speaking Monday, Defence Minister Rob Nicholson accused ISIS of creating a “humanitarian crisis in Iraq,” then vowed that, “Canada is resolved to work with our allies to tackle this terrorist threat and stand against (ISIS) atrocities.”

These are lies. The war Washington has unleashed and that Canada has now joined is a continuation and an outgrowth of the US’s illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq, the NATO “regime-change” war in Libya, and the insurgency the US and its allies, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other Sunni Gulf absolutist regimes, have fomented in Syria.

In both Libya and Syria, the US used Islamacist forces, including many now to be found in the ranks of ISIS, as its proxies in seeking to install governments more subservient to Western imperialist interests.

The war’s overarching goal is to shore up and expand US hegemony over the Middle East, the world’s most important oil-exporting region.

While ISIS is the first target, and the casus belli, the war’s ultimate aim, as is openly proclaimed by Saudi Arabia and many other of the US’s regional allies, is to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, a close ally of Iran and Russia.

With the support of the entire political elite, including the trade union-supported NDP, Canada played a leading role in the 2011 regime change war in Libya. And it is now assuming a similar frontline combat role in Iraq.

The head of CAF’s military operations, Lieutenant-General Jonathan Vance, said yesterday that since CAF planes entered the war-theater late last week, they have flown 27 missions, with 18 of them involving CF-18 fighter jets. Vance also boasted that Canada is “actively involved in the command-and-control structure” of the coalition bombing-campaign including the choosing of bombing targets.

It is noteworthy that the location of Canada’s first attack was Fallujah, scene of some of the most horrific war crimes committed by US forces during the Iraq War. In 2004, Fallujah was razed to the ground in an assault in which banned munitions including white phosphorous were used.


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