Jim Jones Cult and the ADL


Who Created the Jones Cult–And Why

Who Created the Jones Cult–And Why

Two synagogues were set up for the Jim Jones Temple; one in San Francisco and one in L.A. I did not uncover a synagogue in Indiana as Mae Brussels had pointed out in her Jonestown dialog but I did find the one in L.A. that she didn't mention. But because she did mention two synagogues I decided to research the connection. It obviously seemed to be more than happenstance.

The Zionist lobby countergang'
Zionist Lobby
Jones's activities soon brought him to the attention of Rabbi Maurice Davis, an executive committee member of the British- and Israeli-intelligence-linked Zionist Organization of America. Davis set up Jones in his first Peoples Temple in 1955, when he sold his own synagogue to Jones for $50,000 which was to be paid back over time. To this day, Davis retains his 1950s function as a controller of religious cults. Presently based out of Westchester County, N.Y. , Davis heads an organization called "Citizens Engaged in Reuniting Families" (CERF) , which has situated itself to coordinate all parental opposition to such brainwashing cults as the Unification Church and the Hare Krishna.

Nine days after the Jonestown events,
San Francisco Bay Area
residents would learn of the assassinations
of Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk.
Jewess Dianne Feinstein becomes Mayor of S.F.

In fact, Rabbi Davis's anti cult organizing is crucial to the maintenance of the cults themselves, and to the development of hard-core terrorist options off of the cult memberships. CERF has publicly endorsed and contracted the"deprogramming" services of Ted Patrick [Special Assistant for Community Affairs, under then-Governor Ronald Reagan, hmm... cult murders, who kidnaps members of the "Moonies" and other cults and subjects them to sensory deprivation, drugs, and physical torture - counter-brainwashing.


MIAMI--Rabbi Maurice Davis and the Rev. Jim Jones were colleagues as socially active religious leaders in Indianapolis in the early 1960's.

In 1974, Davis founded Citizens Engaged In Reuniting Families (CERF), a deprogrammers' front which later merged into the two major anti-cult agencies, the American Family Foundation and the Cult Awareness Network. Capitalizing on the post-Jonestown reaction, the ADL established a full-time anti-cult center, housed at the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the B'nai B'rith ( ADL) and run by Esther Dietz and Asya Komm.

 The cult Center of B'nai B'rith maintained joint offices with the Cult Awareness Network. In this way, the ADL established formal, ongoing to the AFF/CAN, which continues through to the present. 

Among Davis's employees in CERF were Dennis King and Kalev Pehmek, both of whom later played prominent roles in the post-1998 "Get LaRouche" drive, and worked for a mob-run weekly on the East Side of Manhattan, Our Town. In 1976, Pehme wrote for Our Town a glowing piece on the Foundation Faith of the New Millennium, formerly the Process Church of the Final Judgement.  

This outright Satanic outfit had been so closely linked to the Manson Family murders on the West Coast in 1969 that they were forced to relocate their operations back East and change their name. According to The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry, which is an account of the 1976-77 "Son of Sam" murders in New York, the Process Church, now based out of Westchester County, was suspected of links to those ritualistic killings as well.
The ADL links to explicitly pro-Satanist circles was no low-level effort. ADL mogul Edgar Bronfman has been associated with this project since no later than April 17, 1989, when he and Britain's Prince Philip launched the Sacred Literature Trust, an effort aimed at publicizing the religious foundations of ecology and environmentalism--i.e., the revival of Mother Earth and other forms of paganism.

 At the United Nations press conference in New York city on that date, Bronfman aide Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg and Prince Philip's spokesman Martin Palmer announced the project. Palmer's numerous writings on various aspects of pagan and gnostic theology are published by the Lucis Trust--an elite group that grew out of the 19th Century Theosophical movement.

As for Rabbi Hertzberg, he first gained attention at a conference in Assisi, Italy in 1986, where he advocated the revival of gnostic Jewish Cabala. The proposal for the Sacred Literary Trust was first floated at that Assisi conference.


   New evidence links CAN 'cultawareness' network to satanists
   The anti-cult movement is a sophisticated project of Wall Street banking and intelligence families with the financial aid   and protection of the Anti-Defamation League ofB 'nai B'rith(ADL), the Jewish Community Relations Council, and the American lewish Committee (AJC).

At the center of the movement is the American Family Foundation (AFF) [also connected the the Salvation Army Rehibilitation program, an organization of psychiatrists and social engineering experts whose core advisers have been seminal in creating the rock-drug-sex counterculture of which organized satanism is an integral part.  The AFF has been funded, in the main, by a handful of top Anglo-American Wall Street family foundations.

 Mark Lane, Jew, attorney and Mossad/CIA agent. He changed his last name from Levin to Lane.

Among them are the Scaife Family Foundation [The organizations it has supported include the George C. Marshall Institute, Project for the New American Century, Reason Foundation, and Judicial Watch], the 1. M. Foundation,
and the Pew Foundation [ supporter for the Birch Society. Here is a sample of their conservative website]

In recent years, the San Francisco-based Swig Foundation [In San Francisco, Swig was President of the Jewish Community Federation and the Jewish Community Endowment Fund. He established the Swig Judaic Studies Program at the University of San Francisco where he also served as chairman of the board]
has provided crucial support.

Foundation trustee Melvin
Swig is a national commission member of the ADL and a
national executive board member of the American-Israeli
Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

   Key in the planning level of any terrorist activities
   linked to the Guyana horror-show is Brian Jenkins of
   the Rand Corporation

Jenkins is cooperating at high executive levels with British intelligence in planning
terrorist operations, and has taken a key role in
planning the cult phase of terrorism.
This should not be surprising to anyone who is informed of the
background of Rand or its various involvements in
creating Jones and other cults.

  Rand was integral, together with such entities as Israeli intelligence and the Office of Naval Intelligence's British-controlled National Training Laboratories [Kurt Lewin, Polish Jew founded the National TrainingLaboratories Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, known as the NTL Institute, an American non-profit behavioral psychology center, in 1947], in furthering the British "MK-Ultra" project run under Allen Dulles's CIA cover. Undercover and other most-reliable
 sources have given us a hard dossier on a very, very "dirty" Brian Jenkins.

Jones' camp drew in prisoners, the elderly, people from mental institutions, and 150 foster children, many of whom were transferred by court order. Among those who contacted him: "missionaries" from World Vision (an international evangelical order that often fronts for the CIA); the local chapter head to the John Birch Society; and leaders of the Republican party, for whom his "church" members conducted voter organization and fund-raising activities for the Dick Nixon '68 campaign.

Jones' advisors included a mercenary from UNITA, the CIA-backed Angola army. Also jumping on board was the Layton family, whose patriarch, U.C.-Berkeley chemist Dr. Laurence Laird Layton, had worked on the Manhattan Project. Dr. Layton was also chief of the Army's Chemical Warfare Division in the early 1950's. (Mrs. Layton was the daughter of Hugo Phillips, a German banker/stockbroker who became rich representing Siemans & Halske and I.G. Farben, two notorious Nazi Holocaust profiteers.) http://nstarzone.com/JONESTOWN.html

The crips and the bloods were created using mk slaves created in CIA facilities like the Jonestown compound in Guyana, which was a CIA trauma camp used to breed and brainwash vicious criminals . It operated in conjunction with the Ukiah State Mental Institution
and several orphanages. Jonestown was the only facility of its kind ever fully revealed (no doubt there were and are many more just like it around the world) and to this day very few know that Jim Jones was a CIA programmer & that he ran the San Francisco Housing Authority.(aka the 'projects') Most subsidized housing projects are CIA projects.

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 47, December 5, 1978


  1. Congressman Leo Ryan, who was murdered at Jim Jone's cult outfit massacre, made some powerful enemies:

    During his time in Congress, Ryan went to Newfoundland with James Jeffords to investigate the inhumane killing of seals, and he was famous for vocal criticism of the lack of Congressional oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), authoring the Hughes–Ryan Amendment, which would have required extensive CIA notification of Congress about planned covert operations.

    Ryan criticized L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology movement and the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon.



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