At least 2700 Yemenis have been killed, the vast majority civilians.

“The body language of the Saudi military spokesperson and all the Generals sitting around was hardly one of victory or :Mission Accomplished”. It was about an embarrassing situation where after round the clock bombing, scud missiles and worse, the Houthis led Alliance have not been pushed out of a single city or town that they held.

 The Saudis have as usual totally misjudged the situation on the ground in Yemen and the new Yemeni patriotic forces have triumphed and will now rule the country for the good of the Yemeni nation. Yemen is now out of the Saudi-US orbit and is now part of the Arch of the Resistance.

The fact that the Saudis have announced an end to their war code-named “Decisive Storm” after a 3 week bombing campaign and now call it “Operation Restoration Hope” (All very American sounding) means that we are heading for a political solution and an agreement between the Saudi-led and the Iranian-led blocs is on the cards. 

The possibility of a Government of National unity with all stake holders being involved is now a possibility and this was the main demand of the Houthi-led revolution in any case. The new government will be devoid of many of the old faces and a new Yemeni leadership will take over the reins of power. In the coming years, Yemen will head to become a strong independent nation, free of the Saudi-US axis.

A political agreement between the Houthis-Ali-salh and the Saudi backed Hadi and Islah and others such as the Baathists and Naseerites, could lead to the formation of a government in Sanaa. These combined forces one having reached a power sharing accord will then be capable of dealing with the Isis.-Qaeda in Yemen. The Saudi-backed Arab forces have already stepped back in Yemen by calling of the air-strikes which have really made no great difference on the ground.

If the Saudis have other plans to keep on destabilizing Yemen, then there will be a major blowback from Yemen, especially the North, with the monarchy itself facing dire consequences.

The Saudis have clearly failed to attain a decisive result in the operation Un-Decisive Storm. It was one little Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world, vs all the thugs,monarchs and dictators – and the small guy won …….”

Feroze Mithiborwala

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