Saudi war crimes in Yemen similar to Israel’s

Occupation of grand mosques in Makka and Madina is not a testimony that the occupiers follow Islam.

Press TV has interviewed with Kevin Ovenden, a member of the UK Respect Party Leadership, in Athens, and Kamran Bokhari, expert on the Mideast and South Asian Affairs at the Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting Incorporated) from Toronto, to discuss Iran’s proposal for cessation of violence in Yemen.

Ovenden says the Al Saud regime’s logic on the chaotic situation in Yemen does not comply with efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis and provide humanitarian aid to the violence-stricken people.
The Saudi kingdom has unleashed deadly attacks against Yemen as it feels its strategic interests are under threat, says the analyst, adding that Riyadh’s war crimes in the Arab state are akin to those perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians, particularly during its 50-day war on Gaza last summer.
Bokhari, for his part, says Iran wants to pursue a diplomatic process to help end the crisis in Yemen, but Saudi Arabia does not favor any Iranian influence or involvement in the issue.
He maintains that Riyadh’s decision to come to a negotiation table depends on what will happen on the battlefield between Yemeni revolutionary forces and the Saudi kingdom.

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