Dionne Warwick is going to Israel, says won't succumb to BDS pressures

Just another groveling has-been.

Dionne Warwick

After entertainer Lauryn Hill cancelled her show in Israel for political reasons, American diva Dionne Warwick said Wednesday that she has no plans to cancel her upcoming Tel Aviv performance, saying that "art has no boundaries."

A statement released to the press read that Ms. Warwick "would never fall victim to the hard pressures of Roger Waters, from Pink Floyd, or other political people who have their views on politics in Israel."

Outspoken Israel critic Roger Waters and Pink Floyd frontman has called on entertainers to nix their Israel performances in line with the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

"Waters’ political views are of no concern to Ms. Warwick, as she holds her own unique views on world matters. Art has no boundaries. Ms. Warwick will always honor her contracts," the statement read.

"If Ms. Warwick had an objection to performing in Israel, no offer would have been entertained and no contract would have been signed," the statement concluded.

Answering questions from The Jerusalem Post via email ahead of her show in Tel Aviv at the Menorah Mivtachim Arena on May 19, Warwick said she was no stranger to Israel, and has visited the country several times. "I always enjoy the wonderful audiences that Israel brings out! I think of the colorful people and the beautiful scenery."
 Dionne Warwick 'says a little prayer' for "Israelis".

 Dionne Warwick seen in New Jersey after filing for bankruptcy (Splash News)2013

You may have dancing mana-mano,
You may bring on a piano,
But they will not give a damn-o
If you don't have any Jews!


  1. Look$ like $he know$ the way to $an Jo$e!

  2. She will always be remembered as a product of the hal david/burt bacharach money machine. She was never any more than that. Now
    she's seriously hurtin for cash. The tribe doesn't take care of their goyim well enough. Ha. I'd say 'to hell with her', but apparently she's already
    got her bags packed.

  3. I feel your pain...in a relative way,

    there are some who one is most tempted to feel sorry for...

    from scenes I'd like to see,

    a performance of

    Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show...
    and towards the end...
    a refrain is introduced to the so-called "Jews",
    who might also consider themselves 'Israeli's' too,
    that informs them matter of factly,
    that no one on Earth HAS to be a "Jew" !!


    and that they can escape from the spiritual dungeon of
    the stool sculpture deity cult compound Talmudia
    by simply ...Knowing the Truth !


    my first album was Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    {thanks Greg, that was my first thought also}

    {anybody up for a music video with protective edge bombing photos
    of the Gaza concentration camp to the tune of killing me softly ?}





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