Fighting Zionist Israel,Mafia Criminal Nazi, Communist, Organ hunters, butchers, killers !

Alert America :
We kidney dialysis patients locally, globally are keenly aware of what these Israeli's Criminal Mafia Nazi Zionists Communists have been doing around the globe for over 35 years, as well to countless American Victims all ages, and here in the Zionist Nazi Criminal Mafia American USA.

We demand American Peoples and the Present Alien Government of Alien Barack Obama STOP any and all criminal actions to babies to elderly by gutting their organs and selling the organs for profit inside or outside the USA.

These Criminals must be arrested and sent to prison!
As long as i live, I as an American Senior Disabled Citizen on life support and as a San Francisco Advocate since 1962, for our San Francisco Babies to elderly & Disabled Lives will NOT stand to see these Nazi Zionist Mafia Communist Criminals continue to harm any American citizen or any of their citizens rights !

We ARE Americans and we will continue to fight for Our health, Laws, Rights, Liberties OUR Rightful American Constitution !
Chief Executive Officer at Self-Employed and works at Owner/Executive Director at MHONA International and Founder at MHONA International

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