Hamas May Be The Most Moral “Terrorists” In History

"The Zionists have become known in the world, and they are considered like the lowest and the cheapest."
-Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Schneersohn,Rebbe of Lubavitch, Russia (1866-1920)

Hamas doesn't shoot children, Hezbollah doesn't shoot children, Iran doesn't shoot children. Only the Israeli Occupational Forces target and shoot/bomb children! They do it during regime attacks and the IDF terrorists do it regularly for sport. They say they are the most moral army in the world because they are the worst. Everything they say, the opposite is true!

One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. In the United States and European Union, the distinction between terrorist and freedom fighter depends on the amount of political donations your allies give. Israel lobbyists in America and Europe have provided hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure that Hamas is known to the world as a terrorist organization.

 Israel, on the other hand, is considered an upstanding member of the international community (contrary to all the facts of course). Instead of getting bogged down in an examination of Hamas’ historical fight to end Israeli occupation, let’s compare the behavior of Hamas and the colonial apartheid regime of Israel during this latest war to determine which side is truly the terrorist organization.

The conflict started when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu lied to the public and claimed to have hard evidence that Hamas murdered 3 Israeli teens. In response to the fabricated pretext, Israel ransacked Palestinian homes, murdered 5 civilians, and kidnapped hundreds more. In an effort to stop the internationally illegal incursion, Hamas began launching some rockets at Israel. Israeli police later confirmed that Hamas had no involvement in the murders.

In response to the Hamas rocket attacks, which did negligible damage, Israel bombed schools where children slept, markets where civilians gathered, beaches where children played soccer, and refugee camps where international aid workers congregated. Israel also targeted the health infrastructure of Gaza (hospitals, clinics, and ambulances) to ensure that Gazan civilians couldn’t get treatment after being shelled. Israel even destroyed the only power plant in Gaza leaving the few remaining hospitals and clinics inoperable.

Of the 1,550 Palestinians killed by Israel during Protective Edge, about 80% were civilians, including more than 180 women and 330 children. In addition, more than 7,000 Palestinians have been wounded, most of them civilians too. These numbers are starting approach the numbers of the Kosovo genocide. Only 56 Israelis have been killed by Hamas, of which 53 were uniformed soldiers. That equates to a civilian casualty rate of 5.5%. One of the three Israeli civilians killed in action volunteered to be on the front lines.

Even in the face of a genocidal terrorist state destroying their homes and massacring their women and children, Hamas soldiers infiltrated Israel on numerous occasions and always chose to target Israeli soldiers rather than defenseless civilians. These moral choices ended up costing most of these Hamas freedom fighters their lives.

Israeli soldiers, on the other hand, recently admitted to massacring dozens of Palestinians in a revenge killing for the death of a soldier in their unit. One Israeli sniper repeatedly shot a civilian who was looking in the ruble of his destroyed town for his family.
Israel constantly claims that the Palestinian civilian casualties are so high because Hamas uses human shields. Almost every reporter in Gaza has claimed to see no evidence of such behavior. Israel, on the other hand, has been caught red-handed using Palestinians as human shields on hundreds of occasions.
Those are the facts; you can decide for yourself whether the Israel Defense Force or Hamas should be labeled: “Terrorist Organization”.


  1. Lost in the retelling of this story is the fact that 3 or 4 Palestinian kids were playing soccer on the beach when an Israeli gun boat started shelling them, blowing them to pieces.
    Par for the course for the Israeli loonies, except this time, they did it in front of a gaggle of reporters staying in a nearby hotel, who then reported it and when this incident started getting traction, the 3 Israeli kids were 'kidnapped' and murdered, which gave the Jew MSM the excuse it needed to ignore the murder of those Arab kids.

    Check out this story from 2006 about other pedophile DC politicians, who had help covering up their sordid deeds.

    Flashback: Investigative Journalist Broke Ex-Speaker Hastert Blackmail Sex Scandal in 2006


    It's on Alexis Jones web site, but it's from Wayne Madsen. Sent it this morning to the three area papers, including the Kansas City Star, but it won't get any press.

    Gosh, wonder why?

    Why? Because the Kansas City Star should be called the 'Kansas City Star of David.'

  2. Oh wow...I never put those pieces together. I'll look at that link mañana.


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