James Bond, CNN and 9-11

I've been curious about CNN ever since the 9-11 attack. I had seen the James Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" a few years or so before the 9-11 event. In the movie James Bond heads to stop a media mogul's plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage. 
 He also created false flag events to break the stories.
So when 9-11 happened CNN was the FIRST to break the story I couldn't help but to connect with the Bond movie. I've been sure all this time of some kind of connection between that movie, CNN and 9-11. I was lucky to find this video! 
It's cheesy, as James Bond movies are. The credits at the end are not cheesy. Must see! Tom Secker doesn't make my CNN connection but his points all the more confirm my connection, to me. But it's still only me.
It could be too far fetched, I know that. CNN isn't run by one megalomaniac media mogul but rather 7 Jewish super media moguls. How would they know where to be for breaking news that will last like, forever? It's not as if bin-Laden and the hijackers would cut them in. :-7

Predictive Programming


  1. Another movie with that kind of programming is "The Siege,' with Bruce Willis from 1998.

    The film is about a fictional situation in which terrorist cells have made several attacks on New York City and of course, the 'terrorists' are Muslims.

    During the course of that movie, the WTC looms in the background at least EIGHT times, which seems overkill, unless you want to induce a certain programming into your victim's minds.

    Did a blog in this, back in April 2014, link below:


  2. see also the Emet Group....


    the problem with the Braindeadgoy...is well,
    they are so braindead,


    they just watch TalmudVision ...
    parrot what they hear on TalmudVision,


    and "Jew" worship,
    by accident or on purpose it all amounts to the same thing


    MIASMA is MIASMA....no matter where you watch TV from


    ...and of Course Sean Connery in Time Bandits...
    when he shows Kevin a "Magic Trick" ....


    "don't touch it, its Evil"....Kevin



    1. oh yeah, Greg, I saw that movie. Hated Ann Benning's role. I knew it was a propaganda movie but I didn't know anything about predictive programming at the time, I would now. Some of these movies I hate too much, like Diane Keeton's role in "Little Drummer Girl". These movies portray American & European women as stupid sluts easy to be conned and willing to do anything. Jews like to emphasize that in their movies. What degrading roles for Diane and Ann...did they even realize it? Probably they didn't even get it.

  3. But no one considered my own theory. Also, the credits (you have to see them), I believe, are boasting their roles in the 9-11 conspiracy.


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