Jeb Bush: My Name Is Bush — Get Over It!

Yeah, like Germany should get over the name Hitler and Cambodia should just chill over the name Pol Pot.

Presidential hopeful and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has a message for those who want to make an issue out of his last name — get over it.

"I love my mom and dad," Bush said at the opening of a round-table event in New Hampshire, The New York Times reported. "I love my brother, and people are just going to have to get over that. That’s just the way it is."

The issue of Bush's last name and lineage, with a father and a brother who have both served as presidents, has been a topic he has addressed a number of times.

While the Florida Republican has made it clear that he has a lot of love for his family, he has also declared that he is his "own man" with his own ideas.

"I have a life journey, my own — one that sets me apart in some ways," he told the round-table group.


  1. The whole family is a well-organized criminal mob, with sticky fingers that have repeatedly grabbed the loot and using each other to cover for the present thief.
    Let's not forget Neil Bush, who helped loot the Silverado S & L of trillions and Marvin, who was involved in 9/11 thru his company, "Stratesec," which helped provide 'security' to the 9/11 airports and was mobbed up with "Kroll," who provided 'security' to the WTC.
    Once 9/11 was pulled off, Stratesec was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange and disappeared.

    What offspring have they spawned and have they also been trained in the fine art of stealing from the public?

  2. Everything I've learned about them, from WW2 -JFK, Latin America, drug running, 9-11 the list goes on and on...I think they are the dirtiest of the dirty.


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