The End of Monsanto

Another strike against Hillary. Not that it matters in and of itself. There are equal or worse scums lined up. I am glad that Monsanto just can't win.

An increasing number of countries are banning Monsanto’s cancer-linked Roundup herbicide, a.k.a. glyphosate. Others are banning Monsanto’s GMOs. Meanwhile, Monsanto-funded U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks “(t)here is a big gap between what the facts are, and what the perceptions are.” Actually the facts are established: Monsanto’s herbicides and GMOs are harmful to humans and animals. Several studies have demonstrated it and even led the World Health Organization to issue a warning against glyphosate’s links to cancer.

Genetically modified foods are also linked to health issues including gluten disorders:
The Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) Jeffrey M. Smith has discovered a link between gluten disorders and GM foods in a study he conducted last year. Gluten disorders have sharply risen over the past 2 decades, which correlates with GM foods being introduced into the food supply. Smith asserts that GM foods – including soy and corn – are the possible “environmental triggers” that have contributed to the rapid increase of gluten disorders that effect close to 20 million American’s today. (Steven MacMillan, Monsanto’s GMO Food and its Dark Connections to the “Military Industrial Complex”, The Analyst Report, July 03, 2014)
Ironically, Hillary praises GMOs but during their stay at the White house, the Clintons, just like the Obamas, were fed organic food:

The Clinton and Bush II families ate organic foods. Walter Scheib was White House executive chef from 1994 – 2005.
He had “the professional challenge of fulfilling Hillary Clinton’s mandate of bringing contemporary American cuisine and nutritionally responsible food to the White House,” he said.
Nearly all foods used were gotten from local growers and suppliers. A small White House roof garden was used for produce grown without pesticides and fertilizers. Organic foods were prioritized.
First families continue getting wholesome pesticide/GMO-free foods while promoting frankenfoods hazardous to human health for Monsanto and other biotech giants. (Stephen Lendman, Hillary Clinton Endorses GMOs. White House Meals are Organic, Global Research, May 25, 2015)
As Mike Adams reports, Hillary Clinton has  hired former Monsanto lobbyist to run her campaign and her law firm used to have Monsanto as a client. It is no surprise that she strongly advocates GMOs.
If GMOs are as good as Hillary pretends they are, however, why are the first families not eating any and why are so many countries banning them?


  1. I was raised on a farm and saw firsthand what herbicides do to the planet.
    Before damn near all the farmers started using the crap, which USDA agents came around to the farms, promoting the usage, we had abundant wildlife.
    All sorts of quail; doves; rabbits and the like and more bullfrogs than one could count.
    Within five years, you could see the drop off of wildlife and by the 10th year, it was virtually gone, to be replaced by numerous accounts of farmers or their wives getting cancer.

    Damned Monsanto and Dupont can rot in Hell.

  2. What a horror! Thanks for sharing that, Greg. Farmer Greg.
    I mentioned in a previous comment that I don't believe in Aliens but I do believe in the Jinn. I have a link to give you and it's about Rev.Ted Pike and his wife who were outspoken critics of Zionism and Israel and everything connected with it. ADL etc. You probably are familiar already. Well, they were attacked by Jinn and the wife even became possessed! These people were super serious and dedicated to teaching the truth about pseudo Israel. Strange they were attacked so severely, though. Or maybe not, they were on a mission of truth and very active so..anyway here's the link.

  3. Aliens are here, whether they're from this universe or another dimensions is unknown, seen several totally unexplainable lights and objects in the distant sky that couldn't be man.

    As for Jinn, had an experience once at a farm house I rented in the country. About 80 yo, but in good shape, with a partially finished attic.
    At night, you could hear sounds coming from the attic, not loud, but definitely something.
    Even friends coming over would notice and comment. One moved in for three weeks and then left, said he couldn't handle the weird noises.

    Finally decided to prove it was mice or rats scampering around, so dusted the floor with a light coating of flour and sure enough, that night, the sounds appeared.
    The next day, went up there expecting to find mouse or rat paw prints, but didn't. Did find that something had dragged something like a rag or towel thru the flour.
    About two weeks later, got awoken around 2 am because I couldn't breathe and there was pressure on my chest. Looked around and didn't see anything physical, but did see a huge set of hideously grinning teeth that lasted for a minute or two, then vanished.
    I got the hell out of there that morning and came back during the daylight and moved my shit out.

    Haven't had anything like that since, so something terrible must of happened in that house and a angry spirit is looking for the way home or something.

  4. "Die you rebel scum! Our DeathStar of Magen David is almost in position!"

    "Cause there's no bidness like Shoah bidness!"

    Whom God destroys, he first drives mad.

  5. Bakersfield used to be Ground Zero for California rednecks. Country Music even labeled one of their genre's the 'Bakersfield Sound' due to the influences of Merle Haggard, who sung the song about taking trips not with LSD, but in LTD's.

  6. Yeah, I've never been into the Hee Haw scene and those fat bafoons called TV evangelists. How can a town in Ca. be so hicksville.


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