UN to blacklist Israeli army for crimes against children

The UN won't and the world knows why

UN Secretariat officials also back the Palestinians and have urged Ban not to give in to Israel's threats.
A push is currently being made to add Israeli military to the blacklist of the UN council for Children and Armed Conflict.
The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Leila Zerrougui of Armenia, has recommended the Zionist Occupation Force be included because of the 500 Palestinian children killed and 3,300 wounded during last summer's Operation Protective Edge.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon seems likely to resist the call, Ynet reported, particularly in light of heavy opposition from Israel, and threats such a move could fully terminate relations between Israel and the UN.

However, Palestinian pressure abounds not only from the Palestinian Authority, but also its supporters and human rights groups. According to Yediot, UN Secretariat officials also back the Palestinians and have urged Ban not to give in to Israel's threats.

US Senator Lindsey Graham
One ally Israel likely can count on is the United States. Discussing the issue with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night, US Senator Lindsey Graham warned that continued mistreatment of Israel would result in a "violent push-back" against the UN, Arts Sheva said.

Graham threatened to cut all American funding to the United Nations, should it continue to function in a manner that "marginalizes" Israel.
Israel's response, meanwhile, was deservedly angry, with Foreign Ministry officials condemning the UN's bias against the Jewish state.


  1. Uh-oh, looks like the US DOJ is going to start arresting UN officials!

  2. Yeah, talk about wishful thinking...lol

  3. Gosh, now who would do that?

    Swiss police confirm bomb threat received at FIFA congress in Zurich - local media reports

    A bomb threat was received at the FIFA congress in Zurich on Friday, prompting authorities to search the meeting venue. No evacuations were carried out, and the congress later resumed. It comes as the organization holds its presidential election.

    The vote on Israel's status was set to be held on Friday at the request of Palestinians, who complain about restrictions on training and competition.


    They better not meet in any skyscrapers!

  4. "When a child has become a bully, they want to show their dominance over other children and be admired by their schoolmates for it."
    The Zionist regime has never valiantly defeated anyone. What is outstanding about them is their ruthlessness which they out-do every other psychopath. How do decent people compete with that? FIFA is another example of their cowardliness. They represent the worst and ugliest side of everything. And I personally believe they exist for a purpose: the worst in man is demonstrated through them by their seduction through wealth and power, prestige. They target for seduction the feeble-minded... the internally weak. They are the evil we are suppose to recognize and resist in every way. When it comes to Christian Zionism, these people are the followers of a false god. They have mistaken evil for good. For me it isn't a matter of winning or losing but keeping on the right side of the fence and heckling the demons and their fools. Right?

  5. Don't give up, it just leads to more evil, like the Israeli-supplied nukes Saudi Arabia has been dropping on Yemen:

    Nuclear strike hits Yemen. Video

    Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map. Tactical strikes have hit the city. Shocking video reveals proton bombardment from a neutron bomb. Israel is reported to be the one to deploy such neutron bombs. Any doubts about the nuclear attack on Yemen attributed to Israel, as evidenced in two Israeli F16s shot down and forensically identified, are now gone. Forbidden strikes have brought about a storm of worldwide protest. Obama has recently promised to provide every assistance including US military force to any "external threat" the rich Arab states of the Gulf may face. Pravda.Ru Read more on the subject here



  6. Deja vu! It seems like I've seen that scenario before, the video..maybe Syria, and a commenter said it was a conventional bomb that struck an ammunition depot. I feel like it's repeating itself exactly. How would I know what kind of bomb is what? I would like a follow up on the after effects.

  7. Gordon Duff of "Veterans Today" might be obnoxious, but this article isn't by him, check it out for evidence.
    We both know Israel isn't above doing something like this, and the Saudis are in the same turd.


  8. Well that was certainly interesting! I'll accept it. And of course you're right, it's not like Israhell is above such a thing. It looked like a nuke, that's for sure, I just don't like to be sure of something I don't know so thanks for that.
    Christopher Bollyn is a disinfo agent? I remember these guys from way back. David Icke, well, he comes up with some really good stuff but he also rambles on about this new age spirituality bullshit and aliens and whatnot. I'm not interested in aliens or shape shifter till I see one for myself. I do believe in Jinns. They don't need spaceships. I didn't trust Gordon Duff anymore when he supported US intervention in Syria. Or was it Libya. Same thing. That just didn't add up.

  9. I've read Bollyn's book about 9/11 and he squarely points the blame at Israel, don't know why him and Duff have a pissing contest over 9/11, it's stupid.

    But there's all sorts of distractions from Yemen, the FIFA staged raid, and the attempted False Flag in Phoenix, so be careful.

  10. I can't find the Yemen incident in the Arab news.

  11. Does "FARS" count?


  12. One more thought: Another DC politician, Hastert, has been caught with his pants down, trying to bribe his way out of a sordid scandal.

    So it's just a coincidence that Israel pretty well owns the Congress and the WH and all these sexual deviants get to stay in or get elected to office?

    Why do they have to violate kids? Couldn't they get their kink on with adults or is it some kind of Talmudic ritual?

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