US neoconservatives continue to control foreign policy

The US-led coalition fighting the ISIL terrorist group was designed by neoconservatives, which “looks like an excuse to keep US troops engaged in conflicts in Afghanistan and elsewhere for an indefinite period of time,” said Wayne Madsen — an author in Florida who specializes in international affairs.

Neoconservatism, a political movement born in America during the late 1960s, strongly advocates the promotion of US interests, including by means of military force. The movement peaked in influence during the George W. Bush administration after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The movement had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary. Neoconservatives are staunchly pro-Israel and advocate a permanent war against anyone or any country who disagrees with Israel.

“The neocons are still in charge of US policy and they intend to have US troops permanently stationed in an arch of belly from Ukraine all the way to Afghanistan and Iraq in between, northern Syria in between, and any other country they deem necessary,” Madsen told Press TV on Saturday in a phone interview.

“What I see happening here is a grand scheme again by the neocons who never left this (Obama) administration from the last (Bush) administration,” he noted.
The New York Times reported on Thursday that the United States is escalating a secret war in Afghanistan, despite an official end to foreign combat mission in the country.

Washington has increased secret night raids in Afghanistan since October, when American and Afghan commandos found a laptop computer with files allegedly detailing planned terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, the newspaper said.

The report cited unnamed American and Afghan officials as saying that US forces are playing direct combat roles in many of the raids and are not acting as merely advisers.


  1. and they have no shame,

    because they have no conscience

    which means they have no honor

    and their "Narrative" is a violation of the 9th Commandment



  2. I guess prestige outranks honor in their world.

  3. Norman Podhoretz's new book, World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism, is a hate-filled, anti-American book of the first order. Podhoretz hates every American who does not support the neoconservatives' views, the foreign policy they have devised, and the military and national security disasters to which they are leading America.

    And who are the heroes of the story? Why, Podhoretz and the familiar roster of the only real Americans and Israel-firsters, of course: Paul Wolfowitz, R. James Woolsey, Charles Krauthammer, Douglas Feith, Victor Davis Hanson, John R. Bolton, Joseph Lieberman, Richard Perle, Robert Kagan, Max Boot, Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Michael Rubin, Michael Ledeen, Kenneth Adelman, Frank Gaffney, and a few others who have battled so long and hard to ensure that America fights an endless war against Muslims in Israel's defense.

    It's just a coincidence that the many of the 'heroes' were involved in helping set-off the Israeli 9/11 False Flag and if you think differently, you're a vile, hateful anti-Semitic!


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