European Jews Rebuff Netanyahu’s Call to Migrate to Israel


  1. a place with hostile indigenous inhabitants surrounding them. Who likes thieves and mass murderers?

    Didn't go to the WSJ article, but this nonsense had to be written by that Jew thug, Bret Stephens.

    Who likes thieves and mass murderers? Evidently Israeli Jews, since they allow so many to operate in full view in 'Stolenland.'

    Hostile neighbors? Stop attacking your neighbors and always threatening even worse to them and maybe they won't be so hostile.

  2. Been checking your 'Live Stats' link and see that around 20 Israelis visit here each day.
    13 of them are from Tel Aviv, maybe the suburb of Herzliya?

  3. That was my own comment. Once again I didn't phrase what I meant right. I removed it. I meant it the way you said it: "Stop attacking your neighbors and always threatening even worse to them and maybe they won't be so hostile." The Zionist agenda, including the false flag in France and all the others is to have a platform to narrate it and promote Islamaphobia to the wider public. The Zionists wants everyone to believe that "Israel" represents all Jews. That is make-believe. "Israel" has never represented Jewry. The Jews who who coerced into fleeing to Palestine were not Zionists nor religious in the first place. The Zionists were thugs. And still are. Only the worst people are left who "love their country" as well as those who are stuck for other reasons. And of course, the visiting celebrities who owe the devil for their careers.
    Yeah, I worry about visitors who seem to have too many page views at one time. I should come up with a code just so that the specific words that their system is looking for doesn't register on their Zionist internet army radar.

  4. Sometimes, when you don't use a different color or font for your comments, it's difficult to ascertain if the comment was part of the story or from you.

  5. Got it. And also it was nice for you to check out my stats and alert me to possible funky visitors:-)


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