Israel takes over ship seeking to break Gaza blockade

Nuttyahoo played it smart this time. He portrayed the Flotilla mission as uneventful. No reason for the public to sit up and take notice.  And he used the non-event to vomit a narrative.  I wonder if people will at least question why no one can get in or out of  Gaza if it is not occupied  as the Zionist regime claims. If enough people are even aware of  the event at all. Why does anything concerning Gaza have to go through "Israel"? That in and of itself is insane, if anyone thinks about it. Hamas is "Israel's" bogeyman to keep demonstrating the new weapons US gives them. The synonym  of  "Israel" is horror.

Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, dismissed the flotilla’s goals.
“This flotilla is nothing but a demonstration of hypocrisy and lies that is only assisting the Hamas terrorist organization and ignores all of the horrors in our region,” he said in a statement.
Welcome to Israel!
It seems you got lost. Perhaps you meant to sail to a place not far from here – Syria. There the Assad regime slaughters his people every day with the support of the murderous Iranian regime.
Despite that, here in Israel we are dealing with a situation where terror organizations, such as Hamas, are attempting to harm innocent civilians. Against attempts like these we are defending the citizens of Israel in accordance with international law.
Despite that, Israel assists with the transport of humanitarian supplies to Gaza – 800 truckloads a day, more than 1.6 million tons of supplies this past year. The equivalent of 1 ton per resident of Gaza.
By the way, the volume of equipment that has been sent from Israel to Gaza is more than 500,000 times larger than the your boats that you are arriving on.
Israel assists in hundreds of humanitarian projects via international organization including the establishment of medical clinics and hospitals.
But we are not willing to allow in weapons to the terrorist organizations in Gaza, as they have tried to do in the past, by sea.
Just a year ago, we stopped an attempt to bring in hundreds of weapons by sea, that were meant to harm innocent civilians.
There’s no closure on Gaza, and you are welcome to to transport, via Israel, any humanitarian supplies.
The sea blockade is in accordance with international law, and has received backing from the UN Secretary General.
If human rights were truly important to you, you wouldn’t be sailing in solidarity with a terror regime that executes, without trial, residents of Gaza, and uses the children of Gaza as human shields.
If you were to come to Israel you would be able to be impressed by the only democracy in the Middle East that is concerned with equality for all its citizens, and freedom of religion for all faiths. A state that operates in accordance with international law in order to provide its residents a secure life and its children to grow up in peace and serenity.

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  1. The craziest thing about 'Bibi the Butcher's' propaganda spiel is that the Zionists believe what they regurgitate regarding their apartheid nightmare.


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