Israeli jets strike Gaza ‘terror infrastructure’ after rocket attack

You can count the days before they start their aerial attacks again. Its got nothing to do with rockets. No one can send 4,000 rockets and not hit anyone or anything. No such imbeciles exist.

"Thursday morning’s airstrikes came as Israeli forces continued near-daily incursions into the Gaza Strip" "Israel" must have updated weapons to demonstrate for their weapons shows.
 "These strikes are a direct response to Hamas and the aggression against Israeli civilians originating from the Gaza Strip,” military spokesman Lieutenant-Coloner Peter Lerner said in a statement cited by Reuters. "The reality that Hamas' territory is used as a staging ground to attack Israel is unacceptable and intolerable and will bear consequences." 'Nuf said?
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an): Israeli warplanes attacked multiple targets in the Gaza Strip early Thursday morning, witnesses and Palestinian security sources said.
Airstrikes targeted three training bases of the Izzadine al-Qassam brigades, the military wing of Hamas, in Gaza City and a fourth in the southern city of Khan Younis. (No, they targeted the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza and the southern cities of Rafah and Khan Younis, as well as Beit Lahia in the north)
No injuries or casualties were reported. Just a friendly knock on the door. We're heeeer.
An Israeli military statement spoke only of three hits in total and did not give their location or identify the targets.Why not?
The airstrikes came after the Israeli army confirmed two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip late Wednesday night.

“Yesterday, June 3, 2015, two rockets were launched at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip,” it said adding that they fell on open ground near the southern city of Ashkelon  read Majdal and the town of Netivot, with no injuries or damage immediately reported.

A militant Salafi organization, identified in a statement posted on twitter as Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade, claimed responsibility for the rocket fire saying it was in response to the “killing of an IS fighter in Gaza a day ago by Hamas militants.” Oh that's makes perfect sense, shoot rockets at illegal settlements and start a war on Gaza to kill the women and children. Baloney.
Hamas security forces reportedly shot dead a Salafist leader in Gaza City Tuesday during a confrontation.
ISIS In Gaza

“We declare our responsibility for the bombing of the occupied city of Ashdod  Known to Palestinians as Isdud with a ‘Grad’ missile at exactly nine o’clock in the evening on Tuesday. Thanks to Allah Almighty alone missile hit its target; the Jewish enemy confessed to a number of injuries as a result of terror.” Indeed, make sure to give credit to Allah you Zionists retards! 

The incident came as Hamas stepped up measures against militants belonging to “Islamic extremist groups,” some of whom self-identify as Salafists.
Little is known about the Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade, the group’s claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s rocket attacks, or potential influence inside the Gaza Strip .(A Hamas official  told AP that the rocket had been launched by unknown militants. That means Israeli agents.)

Israel has a general policy of holding Hamas responsible for every rocket attack from the territory under its control, regardless of which group actually launched it.
Israeli public radio alleged that Tuesday’s rocket fire was related to current infighting between the Gaza Strip’s Hamas rulers and its extremist opponents.
If they are part of the resistance they would NOT keep referring to the Zionist enemy as "Jews" as Sheikh Omar Hadid  does in his "statement" after launching the rockets: "we stress that we are involved in our path and our jihad against the enemies of God, the Jews, will not prevent us and them was the object of God's permission."  That is blasphemous in Islam and  a dead giveaway.  It's the Zionists themselves that claim the Muslims hate Jews. Resistance refers to the Zionist Enemy not God's enemy the Jews. He also mentions in passing that the Hamas arms come by Iran. Why would Iran even be mentioned? Everything the Zionist regime needs to justify an attack on Gaza. How convenient. 

Since the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas last summer there have reportedly been growing signs of internal unrest between Hamas security forces and extremist splinter groups.
Meanwhile, UNWRA and rights groups have warned that continuing restrictions by Israel are hampering the ability for Gaza’s 1.8 million residents to rebuild and recover from last summer’s war- the third war in six years- and is resulting in growing unrest.

Thursday morning’s airstrikes came as Israeli forces continued near-daily incursions into the Gaza Strip, shooting and injuring one east of Khan Younis and detaining four fishermen off the coast of Gaza City the day prior.

ma'an news .... Palestine's leading independent news agency. Poor Palestinians! This stuff is not even original.


  1. Bibi the Butcher made a truce with IS/ISIS, so in effect, it's Bibi's Mob whose doing the launching...Yeah, what's new.

    Check this out from a comment left on my blog:

    Picked up on another site, but neglected to copy down the link. Sorry about that.

    The essence is Jade Helm in Hebrew translates as God's Hand.

    The link showed an excerpt of several lines in Hebrew, highlighting the phrase. I don't speak Hebrew, but can read enough of the printed words to verify that the highlighted text could easily mean God's Hand.

    Tried 'GOOGLE' translate and got this in Hebrew(sorry about defecting on your blog)

    ידו של אלוהים Which translate back into 'Jade Helm.'

    Nutso stuff or for real?

    One thing for sure, JH ends on or close to two Jewish holidays...9/11 and on 9/13, Rosh Hashanah.

  2. Bibi the Butcher talked to his Congressional ass-kissers on Purim, now JH will finish on Rosh Hashhead?

    Damn, this pisses me off, that that tiny 'SLC' can stir up so much shit with their manipulations.
    No wonder that thru history, close to 100 nations gave these 'Jinns' the boot or worse.


  3. What is SLC?
    Pretty interesting about the Jade Helm/Hebrew translation. And the timing.

  4. In 2001, Daniel Bernard came to public attention when, as French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, he was quoted as saying: "All the current troubles in the world are because of that shitty little country Israel." The diplomat added, "Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?"

    Then he dies three years later, at the age of 62?

  5. sorry about defecting on your blog

    Not 'defecting,' but defecating on your blog.

  6. I remember that quote, I thought the "shitty little country" thing was perfect.

  7. Did you watch the TV series "Prison Break"? I watched it on Netflix. Kinda cheesy, enjoyable ...about an evil retired General planning to destroy USA and rebuild it in his image.

  8. "Prison Break?" No, but will check it out.

  9. a couple of sources for documentation on Zionist Terrorism in Palestine

    The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem by Issa Nakhleh


    Terror Out of Zion by J. Bowyer Bell

    there is only one source for "TERRORISM"...see John 8:44



  10. Great comment from
    There are no U.S.A./Israel relations. Israel is a Rothchilde U.N./N.A.T.O British Crown protectorate just like Saudi Arabia. A mafia with a flag is not a country. The British Crown is a mafia with a flag that creates protectorates including Bahrain and Kuaite.
    The holocaust story is used to justify permanent invasion and occupation of Europe by N.A.T.O. . Germany has never attacked the United States. In 1949 N.A.T.O. abolished the American revolution of 1776 by making permanent U.S. military union with the British Crown. Real Americans are loyal to the American Revolution of 1776. Traitors fight for N.A.T.O. . The purpose of the United Nations and N.A.T.O. is to make you think that a mafia with a flag is a country.


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