On The Similarities between ’Israel’ and ‘Daesh’

Just as there was an imposed conflict on the Arab nation in the name of Palestine, against Zionist gangs that paved the way for the establishment of the state of the "Israeli" enemy, here we have a new conflict that imposes itself on the nation, known as confronting terrorism. (Terrorism here assuming the name of) the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant', otherwise widely known as ‘Daesh'.

 Talal Salman - As-Safir
The difference however, is that the Zionist gangs carried out on Arab land a colonial project sponsored by the major powers at the time, starting with the ‘Sykes-Picot Treaty' between Britain and France, to the ‘Balfour Declaration' of the British Foreign Minister to the Zionist movement - both of which were products of the First World War - leading up to the ‘Paris Conference' attended by the victorious states of the war. All of this was accompanied by some Arab collusion.

The quick restoration by the ‘Daesh' organisation of the (type of) practices carried out by the Zionist gangs - the most dangerous of which (was carried out by) ‘Stern' and the ‘Haganah' in Palestine on the eve of the establishment of the "Israeli" entity - reveals a similarity which reaches the extent of uniformity. (These practices are employed by ‘Daesh') in both Iraq and Syria especially, and also by its affiliates in other parts of the Arab world, including Libya and the Egyptian Sinai, as well as parts of Africa.

To confirm this similarity, it suffices to carry out a quick review of the events that accompanied the Zionist march onto Palestine, which included organised massacres and deadly, destructive operations. These practices were a prelude aimed at displacing the people of the country from their towns and villages, in order to seize it, and immediately bringing the newly-arrived settlers from abroad in their place.

‘Amnesty' would be given to the powerless and defenseless minority which will benefit (the Zionists) in providing services: from reconstructing houses for others; to contributing - due to the necessity of hunger - to the construction of settlements for their enemies; to carrying out what the Zionists do not like doing themselves, with their own hands.

Some of the evidence that indicates the uniformity of practice, are those scenes that the ‘Daesh' organisation circulates in order to instill fear in the hearts of Iraqis and Syrians (and other Arabs, particularly in the Peninsula and the Gulf, in addition to Lebanon...as for Jordan it has Israeli assurances...royal!) which are similar to the ones that were circulated by Zionists depicting how they dealt with the people of the land. These practices involve collective massacres that do not exclude women nor have pity on children. Thereafter, the rest of the citizens are forced to carry out necessary services, that the Zionist gangs disdain performing.

The stunning advances in social media, firstly with regards to the (reaction of the) media, provided ‘Daesh' enormous influence on the hearts of citizens abandoned in large areas of Iraq, after (only having influence) in limited areas, which were nonetheless used as backline bases for this barbaric organisation in Syria, which expanded its domination over almost half the area of the Levant!

It then achieved a big and stunning victory after Mosul, by capturing the pearl of the history of our countries, Palmyra. It is logical to assume that all who listened to the speech of Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the fifteenth anniversary of the victory of liberation of the areas of Lebanon that were occupied by the Israeli enemy, would have noticed the parallels that he drew between the practices of this enemy of the nation and humanity (Israel), and ‘Daesh', after it invaded large parts of Iraq and the Levant, including the carrying out of executions before the cameras - in color - of poor workers and staff, of both Arabs and foreigners, of both Muslims and Christians (as is the case with the execution of the Coptic Egyptian workers in Libya, or members of minority groups, such as the Chaldeans, Assyrians, Kurds and Yazidis in northern Iraq...).

‘Daesh' is not the enemy of a particular sect, or even of a particular religion or nationality, rather, it is seeking to achieve its political project (the Caliphate!!). It seeks to achieve this by carrying out organised militant raids, after discovering the weak points of the state, or by benefitting from discontentment towards an existing regime, due to sectarian or confessional reasons, or political ones, or as a result of neglect by state authorities. Their aim is to spread fear through terrorism to other regions, in order to march towards those areas and take control almost without a fight, or through ‘heroic' confrontations despite having limited capabilities.

The simplest conditions for success in the face of this danger, which is similar in kind to the "Israeli" threat - regardless of the Islamic image which it has assumed to camouflage itself - is that the purported victims should agree on the need to confront it. They should not be taken by immediate goals, personal differences, or sectarian considerations, which would lead to opening up the way for (this threat), causing them to drown in remorse afterwards...(such as) the loss of Basra or any other Arab metropolises!

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