Zionazi in Palestine

Palestine, 1938: Meeting of Executive of Jewish Agency in Jerusalem offices. David Ben Gurion.
David Ben Gurion. Moshe Shertok at his right.  Hitler mustaches to his left.  Anti Nazis?  Looks more like Hitler admirers!  Explains a lot about "Israel"  tactics and policies in Palestine today! Click play button to see all the frames in better detail. 4 clips in all.

David Ben Gurion. Moshe Shertok at his right. See the Hitler mustaches to the left...


  1. "But, but, but, how could there be a 'Jewish Agency for Palestine' if there wasn't a Palestine?" says 70 million American Evangelicals?"

    Great stuff, where do you find this kind of material, by searching night and day or with help?

  2. check it out


  3. I love to read, a habit developed as a kid to entertain myself on the farm.

    As for bullying Khazars to go to Palestine, my opinion is that Dr. Mengele was choosing the healthy ones to immigrate to Palestine, not to be 'gassed.'

  4. Why America is a carbon-copy of Israel, or is that vice-versa?


  5. “This is ours, our land,” he [native] said. “And the cops they’ll say things like ‘Why do you want to bring the reservation our way?’”

    Shit, that is so Zionist.

  6. The usurpers turn the natives into paupers, like the Zionists did to the Palestinians, then use that against them, as if they are that way because they can't do as well as the white man. Meanwhile the white man eats their food, lives off their land and resources and block the natives from even sharing it. Calls them beggars if they do throw some crumbs their way.

  7. Have you heard anything about the 'Freedom Flotilla III' that has been heading to Gaza?
    I've looked in a number of places, including their home page and can't find any recent updates.


  8. https://freedomflotilla.org/news/13-marianne-is-headed-for-gaza-today


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