Dave Zirin on NBA players' propaganda tour to Israel

I first listened to Dave Zirin on his video "Not Just a Game" some years ago. He is a sports activist which I didn't know existed. An American hero for using his platform to stand up for what's right. This video is a good introduction for him and the topic at hand.

Below: the tour was organized in part by Israeli NBA player Omri Casspi, who has started a foundation intended not to bolster youth programs in the US, as other athletes might do, but rather to fight BDS and promote Israel’s image. Dave Zirin takes it on.


  1. Considering that most of the NBA team owners are Jews and Casspi is one also, this is not a surprise.

  2. Zirin drops names in this 2010 interview on Democracy now:

    The owner of the Orlando Magic is a gentleman by the name of Dick DeVos. He’s worth $4 billion. The DeVos family, not unlike old feudal Europe, married into another billionaire family, the Prince family. And Dick DeVos’s son married a gentleman by the name of Edgar Prince’s daughter Betsy. Betsy’s brother -— we see where this is going — Erik Prince, the owner and founder of Blackwater. Dick DeVos is also one of the ultimate funders and underwriters of that right-wing edge of the evangelical movement and of the Republican Party. And he’s also getting a $480 million publicly funded stadium right now. And through his donations to the Republican Party, of course, Erik Prince has gotten hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts for Blackwater. So you see how this works. I mean, I don’t think a majority of sports fans, when they go see an Orlando Magic game and cheer for players like Dwight Howard or Jameer Nelson, are saying, "I’m also buying a ticket to support Blackwater’s efforts in Iraq!" No, that — and effectively, though, that’s what they have us doing. It’s coercive, and I’m against it.

    1. http://www.democracynow.org/2010/7/30/dave_zirin_on_bad_sports_how

  3. If one did research on NBA player contracts, bet you'd find that the players who either make an obscene display of kissing Israeli ass or get onboard with Casspi's (bowel) movement, also get the sweetest contracts.

  4. Bensouda is probably in a tight spot right now, since she either took a bribe to throw the case or Yid Inc has some audio or video recording she doesn't want made public.

    Or she's just another crazed Israeli supporter, blinded by her love of evil.

  5. "Bensouda is probably in a tight spot right now"

    That's what it looks like! She looks plenty dirty.

    "onboard with Casspi's (bowel) movement, also get the sweetest contracts."

    Of course! That's why the ones who don't are special. Principle rules.

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