Death To Israel

 by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah)
To Falasteen, you are my heart, my mind, my body, my soul/We will not stop our fight ‘till your body is whole/Lifta to Al-Jalil, Al-Quds to Gaza City/Long live the Resistance, steadfast, leaving the Zionists’ heads smashed, there is no time to harbor pity/
These demons are aggressive and evil is their essence, they are pharaonic rulers modernized and/Worshipers of Satan, they are murderers and racists, the cruelest lot of liars/Falasteen has seen 131 years of Jewish colonizing/
Not to mention 65 67 years it’s been occupied, land has been toxified, massacres by savages, ravaging, madd dead/Nakba, Naksa, all the way to Cast Lead/Ramla, Dueima, Deir Yassin/Kufr Qassem, Khan Younis and Jenin/All were brutally assaulted by this goddamn regime/But the Palestinian people left oblivion vetoed ‘cause you are still there/
White phosphorus bombs boom and spill tears/Globally, Zionist Lobby goons instill fear/So much culture vultured, look at what the Jews have killed here/This is genocide, what they do is real clear/That is why we pray to see the usurping Jewish entity’s destiny end/ With the return of every single Palestinian and Lebanese refugee ethnically cleansed/

Death to Israel, say it loudly!
Death to Israel, say it proudly!
Fuck your peace and coexistence!
I would rather die than live with no resistance!
Death to Israel, say it with me!
Death to Israel, pray it with me now!
Free Falasteen is the only answer!
Death to Israel, cure the cancer!

Nearly 200 more martyrs with Operation Pillar of Cloud/Chemical weapons, women, kids and men are infected, they are not spilling your blood in silence though, they are spilling it loud/Arrogant dogs and magniloquent hounds/Throw these intruders in the wilderness now/
No, no say the foes but with stones and Fajr-5 Rockets, motherfuck the Iron Dome, we will bleed for your nation/Like Iran, Syria and Hizbullah, we will struggle with you ‘till complete liberation/Haifa, Yaffa, Lydd, Isdud, Majdal, let the chills hit your knees so they quiver/
Free Falasteen from the Sea to the River/From every dunam of land Israeli footprints are gone, every library has their booklists restored and all are posh/Word to Fathi Shaqaqi and George Habash/Ahmad Jaabari, Kamal Nasser and Dalal Mughrabi and, every other fighter who was murdered for this cause of dignity/Quicksand existence, fabricated is the only way to define this awful entity/Death to Israel, that is the mission, yes/Then we’re gonna hit the Rothschilds’ capitalism next/

Fuck the Holofraud, they lied they are crying victims/Damn right this here is a try to malign the system/How many more of our people do you wanna see dying from Zionism?/ They bombed Sudan and they bombed Iraq/Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon have been bombed a lot/
They drone-bombed Somalia and bombed Tunisia/They bombed Damascus, and now the bastards bankroll the takfiri marauders who target Syria/Jewish neocons orchestrated the chaos that gobbled Libya/Jewish supremacism engraved in all their subliminal messages/
If Zionism and Judaism are not the same then, why is every military operation named straight up after biblical references/End this ideology, end the Zionist colony, then talk of peace but not before/Fuck every drop of the liberal coexistence drivel, it’s only for you weak, obnoxious pawns/
Fight for our religion and fight for our leaders/
Fight for our children and fight for our dreamers/Fight for our ancestors, fight for the land/Fight for our martyrs and fight for the woman and fight for the man/Fight for the lemons and fight for the olives and fight for the fam/
We are not scared of Israeli nukes, the Zionist entity’s might’s gonna burn/Resistance is eternal, and so is the Right of Return/Ya Falasteen, I know that your fallen ones in Heaven are feeling me/Death to Israel is not just something that is possible, Death to Israel is an inevitability/


  1. Interesting song, even though couldn't understand most of the lyrics, but some nice death metal riffs.

    The ironic thing about Palestine is that Israel is the one responsible for bringing the Palestine issue to the forefront. Israel's annual homicidal foray into Gaza just got to the point where the world could no longer play blind. And further irony is that Israel either refuses to acknowledge that to themselves or they're too arrogant to understand that.

    Of course, w/o the Internet, Gaza might of been already wiped off the map.

    When Israel attacked the WTC on 9/11, especially when that lying video came out about Palestinian kids dancing in the streets when told what happened in NYC, thought that Palestine was toast, due to the American mindset.
    Thankfully, that didn't happen, now the tide is turning.

    The next Israeli False Flag against her American colony will involve 'Palestinians,' for sure, and maybe some Iranians tossed in for the effect, so people can never let their vigilance down.

    If you're married to a Palestinian, you can be sure your phones are tapped and not in a general way, so be careful so you don't get set up for some False Flag attack.

    Couple of years ago, had a couple of uber Zionists stalking me on my blog. They called me all sorts of names, said I was into bestiality and that I had f***** my mother. I didn't take the bait, so then the threats came, about catching up to me and beating me up, laughed them off.
    Then one said he/she was sending over a MOSSAD hit team to take me out, so I replied with exact directions to my house and told them they'd get the warm welcome they so richly deserve from me and 'Kay.' Kay is my AK47, but never told them that and not sure they figured it out.
    That's the only way to treat bullies, let them know you don't cower easily.

    I try not to hate, but fucking bullies really piss me off and SOB's that kill children get my blood boiling.

  2. I am always on the look out for white vans outside my house haha

  3. "The ironic thing about Palestine is that Israel is the one responsible for bringing the Palestine issue to the forefront. Israel's annual homicidal foray into Gaza just got to the point where the world could no longer play blind."

    I disagree with that, I say it's the Palestinians themselves with the 1st intifada that brought the cameras to Palestine in the first place and the cameras never left because the excitement never left and Israel doesn't seem to know how to handle that. I believe the Plan was to have the Palestinians gone before the general public knew they existed. Now Israeli will go as long as they are tolerated. They are enjoying committing these heinous crimes in front of us while no one can do anything about it. They love that more than anything.

    Out of all the things that have horrified about "Israel" is during the time of operation "Cast Lead." There was a video cam someone in Gaza put on the web.
    I followed a link to it and found it. It was very eerie, it was just when the "Israelis" were coming in with their drones and planes and God knows what else.
    The dawn was breaking, the cocks were crowing throughout the neighborhoods, it was very serene at the same time that dreadful buzz sound drawing nearer from the distance.

    So I watched that video once and went back to see it again at some other time and that cam video page had been replaced by nasty Jewish porn with the Cast Lead logo on the page. I nearly fell off my chair! What kind of people, Greg, what kind of people!?


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