Deputy FM Hotovely Moves Against Anti-Israel NGO’s

 Middle East's only "democracy" -- a joke that only Joseph Goebbels would admire.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has set out to make European Union funding of anti-Israel Non-Governmental Organizations’ illegal. Some of the groups who benefit from the estimated 100-200 million Euros that have been poured every year into the effort are B’Tselem, Breaking the Silence, the Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and the Coalition of Women for Peace.

Hotovely even claims that some of these groups have been used as conduits for money to flow to active terror organizations. It has been revealed that some radical groups funded by Europe are promoting illegal Arab settlement, and in particular are working to erase the ancient Jewish village of Susya in southern Judea.

In a Ynet report, it was stated that Hotovely has begun a series of meetings with foreign ministers, their deputies, and ambassadors of several European countries. She is confronting them with evidence that their governments are providing financial assistance to organizations calling for boycotts against Israel and working to delegitimize it internationally.

This includes groups that slander IDF soldiers and work toward a Palestinian state and a plan to force Israel to return to the ’67 borders.
Hotovely also instructed Israeli ambassadors in Europe to demand that ministries increase their review of funds given to such groups. If these moves fail, she stated clearly that strict legislation will be implemented to ensure this.

Hotovely explained to Arutz Sheva on Tuesday that “we are demanding from European states that donate millions of euros to immediately stop the direct funding of delegitimization organizations, that (act) under the guise of human rights organizations.”

The Times of Israel brought some figures that illustrate how serious this problem is.
“The Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Swiss governments donated $10.5 million to The Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat, which is run out of the Palestinian Birzeit University. Germany, Sweden, Norway and the European Union gave over NIS 400,000 to the Coalition of Women for Peace, which calls for international sanctions and a boycott of Israel.

 In addition, Denmark and Holland have donated over NIS 35 million to a variety of human rights organizations, Spain another NIS 3.8 million, Switzerland NIS 5 million since 2011. From 2008-2011, the United Kingdom donated some NIS 12 million to Breaking the Silence, Yesh Din, Gisha, BaMakom, Terrestrial Jerusalem and No Legal Frontiers.”

Earlier this year, Hotovely proposed a measure that would have forced any NGO that receives foreign funding to get Knesset approval for a tax exemption.
The United States has similar legislation. The U.S’s Foreign Agents Registration Act requires those acting on behalf of other governments and groups to declare themselves as such. 

The law was passed in 1938 to ensure that the US government would be able to prevent undue foreign influence on domestic issues. In Israel’s last elections, there were several NGO’s being funded by foreign sources that were working against a right-wing government. One such NGO, funded by the US State Dept., sent a delegation of Arab mayors to the United States to train them in campaigning. Another was headed by a former Obama campaign manager.


  1. BL, as soon as the traitor Obama does his Masters bidding and gets the TPP and TAP passed, the Jews will have a formidable weapon with which to attack those NGO's. And the BDS movement.

    Did you ever wonder sometimes that we might of already died and got sent to a sort of temp Hell, given one last chance to prove we're worth saving?

  2. "Did you ever wonder sometimes that we might of already died and got sent to a sort of temp Hell, given one last chance to prove we're worth saving?"



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