Putin hails Iran nuclear talks breakthrough in call with Netanyahu

I still don't understand why Israel's WMDs are not an issue and Iran's is. Israel's secret nuclear weapons program was exposed by a whistle blower yet they act as if they are invisible...and world leaders pretend along with Israel. Even Putin. Israel doesn't even have to sign a NPT while Iran did voluntarily. It's just plain silly to pretend that Israel has a case against Iran.  We know Israel has undeclared chemical warfare capabilities, and an offensive biological warfare  program. It is a problem because Israeli leaders are verifiably criminally insane. Iran not.  All the leaders know this yet they continue to walk on eggshells around Nuttyahoo as if anything he does or says makes perfect sense. If they have to disappoint him they apologize and grant him other things almost as equally valuable to him. Like more weapons...the biggest and newest to experiment with. Sick Mfs.

The Symington and Glenn Amendments to the Foreign Aid Act of 1961 prohibit US aid to countries with clandestine nuclear weapons facilities.

PressTV - Russian President Vladimir Putin has hailed the recent breakthrough in nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1, saying the outcome of the negotiations will positively impact the stability in the Middle East.
Putin said the July 14 conclusion of the nuclear talks in Vienna will create more security in the region.

The Russian president made the remarks during a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday.
“The Russian leader expressed confidence that successful implementation of the Joint [Comprehensive] Plan of Action will strengthen the regime of nuclear non-proliferation and will have a positive effect on security and stability in the Middle East,” the Kremlin said in a statement.

In mid-July, Iran and the the P5+1 group of countries - the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany - agreed upon a comprehensive text, dubbed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in Vienna, under which Iran would curtail its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of sanctions imposed on it.

Many hailed the conclusion of the negotiations as a historic achievement for advocates of diplomacy; however, the hawkish Israeli premier insisted it was a “historic mistake.” Netanyahu has even warned that the Tel Aviv regime will not be bound by the JCPOA, which has been turned into a binding resolution by the United Nations Security Council.
However, Putin told Netanyahu that the nuclear breakthrough provided “reliable guarantees” that Iran’s nuclear program is exclusively peaceful.

For over a decade, the Israeli regime has been propagating the unsubstantiated claim that Iran is pursuing military objectives in its nuclear program. Iran has dismissed the allegations as baseless, saying its nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes and it would not have sought atomic bombs even without the JCPOA.
Above all, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has issued a religious decree forbidding the construction and use of nuclear weapons.


  1. I still don't understand why Israel's WMDs are not an issue and Iran's is.

    That's a rhetorical question, right?

    The Khazar Mob infesting Palestine just murdered another Palestinian baby and the usual suspects are crying crocodile tears.

    Time for another Israeli False Flag, to divert the world's attention from the latest Zionist butchery. Like the one last year when they diverted the world's attention from those four Palestinian kids playing on a Gaza beach that were blown to bits by Israeli Navy gunboats.
    Just another day in Palestine, but this one was witnessed by journalists staying at a nearby hotel, who started writing about the deadly carnage.
    When the story was getting traction, the Israelis kidnapped three of their own, and killed them to regain their permanent victim status.

    Who will rid the world of this pestilence?

  2. “We are immediately preparing the file that will be submitted to the ICC,” Abbas told reporters, adding that the PA denounces the “war crimes and crimes against humanity committed each day by Israelis against the Palestinian people.”

    The part I like is the "crimes against Palestinians each day." That's what needs to be addressed. Israel tries to make these crimes look like isolated incidences. It's important to emphasize that indeed that is not the case for 67 years.


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