Calls to release 28 classified pages about Sept. 11 attacks, Saudi links investigation

 Rep. Peter King (R-NY) shows why he is a buffoonish Irish terrorist.  King said he's read the 28 classified pages from the Congressional  report on 9/11 and says they can't be released. For King, he must think  the pages will lead to clues about how he laundered money for the Provo  wing of the Irish Republican Army. 


  1. Fucking Saud family is so stupid, thinking they're friends with Israel when Israel is getting ready to tear their Kingdom apart and pick up the pieces.

    They'll use their ISIS or the US government, setting them up to take the fall for Israel's masterminding of 9/11.

  2. it does seem as though they are being thrown under the bus. it's pointed out that Ron Paul is calling for disclosure (connecting someone credible to give credence to the article (PSYOP). because King is certainly not credible! And yet he READ the 28 pages so HE KNOWS about the Saudis. Right. Mr. Islamaphbia knows and here the Saudis are in the spotlight for 9-11 and terrorism. Wonder what the Saudis are thinking, heh.


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