Russian Economic Blitzkrieg

The economic war begun by the US and its toadies has now created the ultimate blowback, a full on economic blitzkrieg by Russia. Of course, it didn’t have to be this way as Russia was clearly happy to rake in the profits of continued cooperation with Europe pre-Ukraine crisis. But, now that push has come to shove, the Russians have shown that they are simply unwilling to be on the receiving end of an economic war. Rather, they are now unveiling their big guns, the sort of arsenal for which US-NATO has little defense.


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  1. Read this blog by Gilad Atzmon where he posts a hilarious email from a reader about his posting on the rabid Rabbi Wise:

    But the first email is also enlightening, as in scary, that Americans are too scared to utter any complaints about Israel. Guess that's the way it should be by the occupied in a colonial nation, don't speak ill of your overlord.


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