'This will not be quick': Obama on Islamic State strategy

Are we free yet?



  1. The video is already offline. What was it about?

  2. Stupid RT won't share the video only a link. The video is good, I got a kick out of seeing these totally fake ISIS terrorists. What a laugh!

  3. Oh, see the link I provided, it's worth it.

  4. The Pentagon must of told them to stop parading around in all those new 4WD pickup trucks in a row, with gun mounts that we gave you, it makes us look like fools.

    At the Treasury Department, another 'Chosen One' gets the nod, Adam SZUBIN to be terrorism sanctions czar.

    Two of my favorite comments left at that video:

    Ultimately? ISIS is already part of the coalition of the willing ... willing to murder children; willing to bomb schools, hospitals, residences, infrastructure; willing to use banned chemical weapons; willing to kill for financial gain; willing to kill for oil, gas; willing to lie; willing to stage false flag attacks, etc.

    So Obama is planning to leaflet ISIS and offer them "better ideas", such as becoming debt slaves instead of having sex slaves.


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