Vatican refuses to let Israel see details of agreement with Palestinians

Since when are independent states required to show privileged agreements with another country? The Rothschild 'Israel colony' (not even a country) always sticking its nose into other nations' affairs.

Haaretz said on Tuesday that the Vatican has rejected requests by Israeli diplomats to see the text of an agreement signed between the Holy See and the State of Palestine two weeks ago.

 The Israeli newspaper quoted a senior official as saying that diplomats have attempted to review the text on four separate occasions, but the Vatican declined to give details about the content of the agreement.

The Vatican signed the first accord with Palestine on 26 June, two years after officially recognizing it as a state in February, 2013. The treaty covers the life and activity of the Catholic Church in Palestine.

"The Israeli ministry of foreign affairs expresses its regret regarding the Vatican decision to officially recognize the Palestinian Authority as a state," said spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon. "This hasty step damages the prospects for advancing a peace agreement."

Israel also regrets the "one-sided" texts in the agreement "which ignore the historic rights (67 years) of the  Rothschild "Jewish" people in Israel," he added. "Israel cannot accept the unilateral determinations in the agreement which do not take into account Israel's essential interests and the special historic status (67 years of occupation) of the Jewish people in Jerusalem." (As a matter of record the Jews in Palestine before them do not recognize the 'new Jews' as authentic Jews and they don't recognize "Israel" as a Jewish state or any kind of state.)

According to Haaretz, the ministry is concerned that the treaty between the Vatican and the Palestinians contradicted a similar treaty that already exists between the Vatican and Israel.


  1. Genie, it looks like that Vatican thing is fake. Damn, got my hope up there for a bit, then got it crashed.
    Such are the ways of one desperate to see meaningful change for the good and not a damned campaign slogan, that they cling to anything at times, like someone drowning clings to a straw.

    Read this story about Israel throwing a hissy fit--AGAIN--a few days back in the paper and got a good laugh.

    A spoiled 4 yo brat has more dignity than the Khazar interlopers, who demand that the world bow down before their majesty.

    If I had been born in Palestine, I'd already be dead, cheerfully going to my doom to try and overthrow the oppressors.

  2. Greg, I found something to meet your mood. --heh


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