Zionist Thug Life in Palestine

Never Forget

 At the scene of a drive-by shooting where Zionist terrorists shot several Arab bystanders after raiding the Jaffa Ottoman Bank, a Palestinian policeman with gun drawn, crosses the street to confer with a British soldier. Jerusalem, September 13th, 1946. Title derived from Yankee Nomad, p. 227, and the Sept. 30th, 1946, issue of Life.

Irgun Commander in Chief, Begin Menahem,
founder of Likud and the sixth Prime Minister
of the State of Israel
(1913-1992) Born in Poland.

 Israeli Prime Ministers who were Terrorists and War Criminals


August 18, 1947, Palestine. The shops of five Jewish merchants in Tel Aviv were destroyed by the Irgun because the owners refused to give money to that organization. During their struggle to create the Jewish state in the 1930s-1940s, big Zionist groups like the Haganah and Irgun relied on foreign donors and “taxes” levied on the Jews of Palestine for funds. These are the thugs who became the leaders of "Israel".  And these Zionist criminals hold key positions in US government as well.

David Ben-Gurion — #1 — he commanded the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Arabs during the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages in 1948
Levi Eshkol — #2 — he presided over the ethnic cleansing of 250,000 Palestinians
Menachem Begin — #3 — he was the preeminent terrorist in the Middle East ... until Ben-Gurion and Eshkol surpassed him
Ariel Sharon — #4 — a murderous war hawk, he was responsible for massacres at Qibya, Sabra and Shatila
Benjamin Netanyahu — #5 — he was responsible for the deaths and mutilations of thousands of children during Operations Cast Lead, Pillar of Defense and Protective Edge
Yitzhak Shamir — #6 — he had British and Swedish nobles murdered for seeking to have Arabs treated as equals of Jews
Ehud Barak — #7 — a cross-dressing assassin, he participated in death squads that killed women, policemen and a poet known as "The Conscience"
Golda Meir — #8 — she threatened to destroy the world with nukes during a BBC interview and more than once insisted that Palestinians "did not exist" as a people
Shimon Peres — #9 — he aggressively pursued nuclear weapons and succeeded in delivering them
Yitzhak Rabin — #10 — he signed an order for the children of Lydda to be ethnically cleansed "quickly, without attention to age"
Yigal Allon — #11 — he served in Special Night Squads which tortured and killed "without compunction"
Ehud Olmert — #12 — he presided over the 2006 invasion of Lebanon, which killed 1,300 people and displaced more than a million others
Moshe Sharett — #13 — he was a staunch proponent of compulsory population transfer (ethnic cleansing)

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  1. I had no idea Palestine had this much lawlessness I think the government needs to formulate measures and policies that help reduce crime.


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