A Headlock That's Worth a Thousand Words

3rd generation on stolenland. The "Israelis" will never be seen as decent by truly decent people in the world and will always be condemned and resisted, however long it takes for the zionist entity to be forced out. Time is not on their side.

Palestinians try to prevent Israeli soldier from detaining a boy during a protest in the West Bank village Nabi Saleh, August 28, 2015 . The soldier is trying to conceal his identity behind a badly constructed mask. cedit: Reuters

by  Anshel Pfeffer, "Israel"

Whatever these men and their immediate commanders are telling themselves, the true underlying reason more soldiers are covering their faces is shame. No decent person, no matter his politics, wants to go home for Shabbat and see himself online manhandling children and women. Today’s young soldiers are by now a third generation enforcing an occupation that is eating away at our army and our society.

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  1. That punk was wanting to shoot the women, but the act of recording held him back.

    What a loathsome POS.

    Did you read this about Nerdeen Kiswani, trying to get into the West Bank across the Allenby Bridge? Just another day under Zionist occupation. They'd like to give you the same 'welcoming.'

    One of the things that rattled Kiswani during her interrogation was the realization that the Israeli security agents seemed to have a detailed file on her, the SJP, and the BDS activities. “I knew they knew about everything I was involved in, and I was really terrified,” she said in a recent interview with the Palestinian advocacy website the Electronic Intifada.


    When you have the NSA working for Israel, getting that info is easy.


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