Report: No Israelis Among Bangkok Dead

 Law enforcement's use of the term "Middle Eastern-looking" as cover for "Israeli."Image: Thai authorities are looking for this suspect after bombing 

Chabad emissary in Bangkok calms Israeli parents: 'As far as we know there are no Israeli casualties.'

  • No Israelis harmed in Bangkok bombing. Of course not, since one carried it out. Although many Israelis are found in the shopping district, none seemed to be there at the time of the explosion. Sounds sort of familiar.
Bombing suspect in Bangkok blast said to be of "Middle Eastern/Caucasian" appearance. That is international law enforcement code for "Israeli." Police cannot say "Israeli" because the Amen Chorus starts to work themselves into a tizzy and sing the usual refrain of "anti-Semitism." The yellow shirt-clad main suspect who left backpack at shrine certainly looks Israeli. Yes, they do have a certain appearance, hence law enforcement's use of the term "Middle Eastern-looking" as cover for "Israeli."

As many as 27 people have been reported killed and dozens wounded in an explosion near a shrine and popular shopping mall in the center of Thailand's capital, Bangkok.
But, "no Israelis are among the dead," claims Nati Hadad, a member of the Ko Samui search and rescue team at the site.
Rabbi Nehemia Wilhelm, the Chabad emissary in Bangkok, says he is touch with various Thai officials and is monitoring developments.
"As far as we know, there are no Israeli casualties," Wilhelm told Walla! News. "We are in touch with local security forces. Some tourists  saw the explosions and even the victims. We have received many phone calls from parents in Israel and are trying to calm everyone."
Both police and Thai officials have confirmed the explosion, near the Hindu Erawan Shrine in Bangkok's bustling Chidlom district, was caused by a bomb.
A number of Israelis living in Thailand also asserted to Walla! News that the explosion was indeed an attack and that the area, filled with shopping centers, is popular among Israeli tourists.
"This attack was in the city center, at a central junction, the most famous function with the most recognized shopping centers," Alon Miller, who lives in Bangkok said.
Itzik Mahlev said the site of the attack was "not far from the center of the MBK (shopping mall), where many Israelis come to do shopping."
An Israeli tourist who saw the explosion told Channelthat the "area was filled with tourists, but I didn't see Israelis around."

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