Saudi King Salman blamed 9/11 attacks on Israel: US official

 Remember back in Jan. the articles about the Saudi 9-11 cover up...with the US threatening to "release classified material" [smear campaign] on the Sauds, deliberately planting the idea in the public that Saudi Arabia was involved, beyond the 19 hijackers and they were being protected because they are our allies? Nothing else is covered up, no one else is being covered up, just the Saudis. Yeah right.  Looks like some finger pointing going on, haha!

Saudi Arabian King Salman has blamed the 9/11 attacks on Israel when he was questioned by the US over the involvement of Saudi nationals in hijacking the planes which were flown into Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, a former US official revealed on Sunday.

“One of my first calls was with then-governor of Riyadh... Prince Salman, who is now the king," Robert Jordan, the former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, told CNN. "His response was very emphatic this could not have been Saudis, we couldn’t possibly have done this.”

Jordan said the Saudis were accusing Mossad, Israel's storied intelligence agency, of carrying out the attacks in an elaborate conspiracy to deflect the blame on the Arab world.
King Salman, succeeded his half-brother Abdullah upon his death earlier this year, is a 79-year-old stalwart of the royal family.

Born on December 31, 1935, Salman is the 25th son of the desert kingdom’s founder Abdulaziz bin Saud and a prominent member of a formidable bloc of brothers known as the Sudairi Seven, after their mother Hassa bin Ahmed al-Sudairi.

According to Jordan, the ultra-conservative Gulf kingdom only acknowledged the involvement of 15 of its nations in the attacks two years later, after al-Qaida terrorists bombed residential compounds in Riyadh.

“At that point, Crown Prince Abdullah said to me that he understood that they had a problem, that they would take immediate action to capture or kill the attackers and to treat just as harshly anyone who gave them comfort or aid or even tried to justify what they did,” he further added.

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  1. Why of course the Saudis did 9/11 and were so crafty, they got American and Israeli Jews to front for them in every aspect of the 9/11 False Flag!
    After the attacks, they then got some more American and Israeli Jews to run a planet-wide disinfo campaign and to block any serious investigation into what happened on 9/11!!


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