Unthinkable: An Airline Captain's Story

An investigative journalist explores the "murder-suicide" of 9/11 author Marshall Philips and his two children days after Philips announced a new book to include sensational new evidence of those behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Based on actual events.

New book: The Betrayal of the Scorpion and Poet. Discover the cover-up of the sinking of two U.S. ships during the Cold War: the USS Scorpion, a nuclear-powered submarine. and the SS Poet. a U.S.-flagged Merchant Marine vessel. This is a tale of plausible deniability, expendable U.S. servicemen, and, in the case of the Poet, treason and murder.

The Betrayal of the Scorpion and Poet


  1. ..."Holocaust did happen but it was engineered for this purpose."

    Which Holocaust™ are they referring to?

    The one that had Jew ashes used to make soap? Turned out to be a lie. The one that had Jew skin used to make lampshades? Turned out to be a lie. The one that had giant electrical mats used to electrocute Jews? Turned out to be a lie. The one that said Bergen-Belsen had homicidal gas chambers? Turned out to be a lie. The one that had the shrunken Jew heads? Turned out to be a lie. The one that said steam chambers were used to kill Jews? Turned out to be lie. The one that said electrified water vats were used at Belzec? Another lie. The one that said 4,000,000 Jews were killed at Auschwitz? Turned out to be a lie, since that number dropped to a little over one million, and that included non-Jews. Now, thanks to DNA testing, we find the large majority of 'Jews' that stole into Palestine actually have European blood, not Semitic.

    So again, which Holocaust™ are they talking about? P.S. If anyone can refute these facts, please do so, but leave the ramblings of your Uncle Morry or Aunt Nana out of the discussion, give me FACTS.

    I've posted this in several online forums, such as Youtube and so far, no one has refuted my facts, only replied with threats and name-calling.

    C'mon BL, you don't really believe that hoax took place, do you?

  2. Greg,
    This is what I personally believe from everything I have learned. The objective was to depopulate Europe and populate Palestine for Rothschild imperialism. The Jews who didn't fall for the Zionist scam were put into slave labor camps. The willing (most stupid) left accordingly, the in-between were frightened into going. That's where all the lies come in. Gassing, mass slaughter, lampshades and shrunken heads etc etc etc. So, holohoax it was and is. But it wasn't nothing, it was something.

  3. No six million deaths, but a lot of evil kidnappings at gun point with Judaics taken to Work Camps while being completely asset stripped and then tyrannized, oppressed and forced at gun point to work and provide cheap labor for the WZ owned corporations supplying the Nazi war machine, and all ending in the WZ planned mass murder of 200,000 Judaics.

  4. The above is the most close I have ever read and heard that aligns to my own understanding.

  5. Jeff Rense has some good stuff on his site, but not sure I trust some guy who spends so much time on his hair.

  6. True dat, LOL
    But it's not what Hairdo is saying it's the other guy. And I don't even know who he is, but he is saying what I think also.

  7. Let me guess...When you and hubby get into a heated discussion, you always have the last word?;)

    Had trouble getting to your site, the page froze up, then sent me to this screwy link?


    Think the Zio mob is paying too much attention to your writings.

  8. No, I am a walk away turn my back kinda wife. Husbands and wives don't have heated discussions they have competitions. I am usually the first to lose interest. For you I am trying to explain my position sincerely because we are comrades. Big difference!

    I browse too many websites I think, shit follows me, especially if I have been on a Jewish site.

  9. Genie
    There is a rabbi, Marvin Antleman who is on record as saying at least a large part of the camps in Germany was run by jews, not bombed and they were trained for their role to live on a kibbitz in Palestine once they were shipped there. The red cross was on the scene in most of those camps and we know it is an extension of the Red Shield.

    It worked out great, Germany paid to train them for Palestine, and is now paying reparations to keep their standard of living high. Does this ring true? It does for me.

  10. One thing about ww2 and the "holocaust" and Adolf Hitler is there are so many alternative versions I wouldn't know which one to choose to believe. Like 9/11 I zero in on the obvious. The technicalities don't interest me although technicalities are important...yet I really can't make my own conclusions based on the theories of others. But then there are the obvious discrepancies. I know a demolition when I see one and I know that the neo-cons, the Bush's, Israel and Saud regime are liars and there is nothing they won't do when it comes to their own agenda. Of course this axis of evil orchestrated 9/11. I think the "Israelis" and Zionist Jews in our gov. enjoy deceiving the public. They like that game. I realized the "holocaust" was another deception just by the people involved and the results to this day. Such as, a massive migration of Jews to Palestine which the Zionists have been after since the 1800's if not longer. Of course the "holocaust" was a false flag even without knowing all the details. The official version of "facts" never add up besides.


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