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During the month of June alone, Israeli Occupation forces have killed 7 Palestinians and kidnapped 375. Terrorists hate to be documented "on duty"...check out the mug! They think it's none of our business, but we like to see what we are invested in. After all, if not for American taxpayers who maintain Israel's existance they would not be eating the bread and butter of the Palestinians.

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Below: This is another Zionist  stage  production, just like the staged holocaust(TM) in Europe, which is to generate the illusion that Jews are in danger of a perpetual holocaust wherever they go so they need to be armed and own a state which is not a homeland but a haven for Jewish criminals. It projects the Palestinians as the terrorists trying to rob the Jews of their homeland...which in fact the Palestinians were home living peaceably till the foreign jews invaded Palestine for their own purpose which had nothing to do with the Palestinians.

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