Israel belongs to Dajjal

The Dajjal wishes to depict his own twisted ideas to Christians as true and legitimate by causing them to ignore the teachings of the Gospels. If Christians who are keenly awaiting the coming of the Messiah, especially the Evangelicals, are deceived by the Dajjal’s falsehoods and follow in his path, then they will feel terrible shame and regret because of the slaughter they engaged in prior to Judgement.


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  1. The world's biggest DICK, Cheney, should have already been tried for treason, found guilty and hanged.

    P.S. See the latest 'terrorist' arrested in Florida? Last name of GOLDBERG.
    Or maybe for once the FBI got things right or Obama is softly letting the real 9/11 instigator, Israel, to back off the Vienna deal or else he'll let the FBI expose what did happen on 9/11 or is that delusional?


If you sit by a river long enough, you'll see the body of your enemy float by.
Old Japanese proverb