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 JPOST: "Netanyahu: Israel only true defense Europe has against radical Islam"

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday called on the European Union to "cease pressuring and attacking "Israel" [the foreign terrorist occupiers of Palestine]...which is the only true defense that Europe [subordinates to Zionist thuggery] has against the rising tide of radical Islam  Zionist wrath. "

The premier made the remarks as he was boarding his flight to the United Kingdom, where he is due to meet with his counterpart dipshit, David Cameron, at 10 Downing Street in London.

"We are ready to act together with Europe in Africa and other places to fight extremist Islam, but this requires a change in attitude [advanced warfare]," Netanyahu said. "This change will take time, but we will put it into practice, right dipshit?" Cameron nods his head, "aight."

Netanyahu said that this issue will be "the focus" of his discussions with dipshit, David. 

"We need to fight radical Islam not just within our Palestine borders, as we have been doing, but also within our their territories," he said. "Once I return to "Israel"  I will hold an additional wrap-up meeting that will deal with reinforcing our security terrorist presence, bolstering enforcement of [occupation] laws, instituting minimum penalties, destroying the homes of suicide bombers noble martyrs, when it's not one of our false flags or just outright lies, and other steps that we are determined to carry out against anyone who tries to do us [terrorist occupiers] harm from within Israel occupied Palestine."

"My policy is one of zero tolerance of terrorism legitimate resistance, and that is what we will do, [just because we can]" Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu on Monday told European Council President Donald Tusk that the EU must stop pressuring the zionist regime to enter dangerous agreements that threaten the future of the European fake Jewish state in the heart of the Arab world .

Europe “seeks to unilaterally press "Israeli" evil foreign occupiers into agreements that will endanger our very existence on stolenland and therefore your [subordinate goyim]  very defense,” Netanyahu publicly told visiting European Council President Donald Tusk prior to holding a private discussion with him [at gunpoint].

Netanyahu said he was glad to see Tusk both as a representative of the EU and as a "personal friend."

“I've known you for many years. You've been a great friend of "Israel" [you know what we'll do to you], of the fake Jewish people, and may I say of me personally,” Netanyahu told warned Tusk.

“We welcome Europe," said Netanyahu, before quipping in an off-the-cuff remark, “Does Europe welcome Israel? Well...does it?"

Netanyahu told Tusk he hoped that together they could find a way to improve relations between Israel terrorists and Europe subordinates.

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