How to Pro-Palestine 101

  • Understand this whole conflict is about land and not religion,
    we are not fighting over whether we should fast on Ramadan or on Yom
    Kippur, or fighting Israelis just because the majority of them is
  • Understand that not all Palestinians are Muslims, about 15%-20% of Palestinians aren’t.
  • You support Palestinians for losing their land and facing
    atrocities, you don’t support Palestinians just because Palestine is
    holy to you. 
  • You support all Palestinians equally, don’t put Muslim Palestinians
    over non-Muslim Palestinians and vice-versa, we are all going through
    the same struggle.
  • Don’t speak on our behalf (In other words, lead our cause), we don’t
    want you to mess up and then we end up getting the blame. You could
    support us, teach about our cause but don’t lead us, we lead you.
  • Don’t support us just because you hate the Jewish people, we don’t want your antisemitism.
  • Understand that Palestine is our land before anyone else
  • Don’t romanticize our struggle, no it’s not cool to suffer.
  • Understand we also face atrocities from other Arabs not just from Israelis.
  • Don’t turn Palestine into a Muslim issue. 
  • Understand that there are diverse opinions amongst Palestinians, both in the diaspora and at home. 
  • Don’t use Palestine as a springboard to derail and promote your own cause.
  • Bringing awareness to Palestinians should not be done through
    grotesque means; in other words, Nazi comparisons or even spreading
    pictures of dead bodies everywhere.
  • Support Palestinians and DO NOT undermine them
  • You DO NOT represent Palestinians, no matter what your intentions
    are, and you do not need to attempt to do so in spaces that aim to
    create dialogue (see OTI, MLI)
  • Don’t call yourself Pro-Palestine if you’re a Zionist, take your Liberal Zionism away and get lost. 
  • Do not glorify/romanticize resistance. 
  • Do not dictate Palestinians on how we should feel/react. 
  • Do not criticize their method of resistance. You are not the one suffering from the consequences. 

  • Don’t steal our narrative.

  • We are not helpless victims. We do not need to be saved. So please, enough with this saviorship complex. 
  • It’s not about you.

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