Israeli court sends 16 yr old Palestinian girl to prison after beating and molesting her

Who are the youth of Jenin? Every event in Occupied Palestine is a story within a story within a story. No event is arbitrary.

 Israeli occupation court decided on Tuesday to send a little Palestinian girl to prison over claimed hostility activity.

Apr 5, 2016 Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Israeli occupation court decided on Tuesday to send a little Palestinian girl to 45 days in prison over claimed hostility activity.

Israeli Salim Court indicted Shaimaa Atatrah, 16, from Jenin of planning to stab an Israeli soldier at an Israeli military checkpoint in the occupied West Bank.
Atatrah, from Yabad Neighbourhood of Jenin, was arrested at the illegal Israeli checkpoint of Za’tarah on March 15.

Children of Jenin: surviving in Israhell Land
She was beaten, handcuffed and leg-chained after she had been fully searched in an “inhumane way” at the checkpoint.
The Israeli occupation soldiers claimed that she had a knife and she planned to stab an Israeli soldier with that knife.

Palestinian Prisoner Club reported Atatrah’s mother saying that she had a nail cutter in her school bag as part of a makeup set of tools she bought for her school friend as a birthday present.
Below: IDF soldier blindfolds Palestinian girl, puts her against wall, humps her and dances. #Abuse #SexualAssault

Jenin massacre revisited: ‘Revealing … the Zionist project’

All humanitarian aid and journalists refused entry until late on 14th and was very restricted until 18th and further endangered by shootings for months afterwards. Humanitarian relief was hampered by explosives (UN report the explosives had been laid by IDF).

New doubts over official version of events
Thursday, 18 April, 2002, 10:44 GMT 11:44 UK
Jenin 'massacre evidence growing'
"Mr Larsen has no business whatsoever to tell us what is right or wrong"

A British forensic expert who has gained access to the West Bank city of Jenin says evidence points to a massacre by Israeli forces. Prof Derrick Pounder, who is part of an Amnesty International team granted access to Jenin, said he has seen bodies lying in the streets and received eyewitness accounts of civilian deaths.

The Dundee University expert said the Amnesty investigation has only just begun but Palestinian claims of a massacre were gaining foundation as the team continued its analysis.

Derrick Pounder

Derrick Pounder: Evidence of a massacre
He said: "The truth will come out, as it has come out in Bosnia and Kosovo, as it has in other places where we've had these kinds of allegations. "I must say that the evidence before us at the moment doesn't lead us to believe that the allegations are anything other than truthful and that therefore there are large numbers of civilian dead underneath these bulldozed and bombed ruins that we see."
The professor said recovering the bodies would be difficult because many buildings collapsed during bombardment.
He said: "We know there are families who were there and killed and buried. 

"We were on the ruins yesterday and two elderly men came forward, each of them pointed to where their houses had been and one of them told us that 10 members of his family were buried under the rubble."

Survivors going home.
'Beyond belief'
He said post mortems on two bodies had "given cause for suspicion" and there was "extensive damage" to Jenin.
An area of the town the size of several football pitches has been flattened.
Prof Pounder was speaking as Israeli forces began to pull out of Jenin and the town of Nablus. 

A United Nations special envoy described the the devastation as "horrific beyond belief".
Terje Roed-Larsen, who visited the Jenin refugee camp on Thursday, criticised Israel for not allowing rescue teams in after the battle with Palestinian gunmen.
Israeli officials reversed a ban on the Amnesty team entering the Jenin refugee camp and government hospital on Wednesday.
Amnesty had considered legal action against the Israeli Government over the ban.

Burning bodies was not enough, demolishing houses was necessary to prevent the escape of people from their houses.
Israel 'fighting for its life'
Israeli forces moved into the Jenin camp on 3 April, saying it was a hotbed of Palestinian militancy and declaring it a closed military zone.
Zalmon Shoval, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, defended Israel's actions, saying it was fighting for its life.
Palestinian children looks on as a bulldozer excavates bodies in Jenin
"Mr Larsen has no business whatsoever to tell us what is right or wrong," he told the BBC.

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