I have here just an excerpt. Read entirety at website.

 ( Note – This was sent to Kent Steadman’s site, Orbit, after there
was some discussion of Secretary of War Stimson’s decision to use
the atomic bomb.

 I have maintained that international secret agreements
concerning non use of nuclear weapons form the essential glue to a
secret world government. This is something that I saw develop as a child
while my Father worked for Time Magazine.

I have slightly altered the
copy deleting names of those who are not public figures. The letter was
originally asked for by a former employer, a very wonderful owner of a
Norfolk Cab company who I will change to Dr. O.

There is a portion where
I kid him and make the common group mind responsible for some situations.
This was a joke he would understand and perhaps not an outside reader.

letter, though specific to the security apparatus in Norfolk, Virginia-,
largest military center in the world,- also gives a good overall world
security picture. I thank Kent Steadman for posting this.
Michael Donovan, Camden ME,

        Letter from Michael Donovan to owner of a Norfolk
        cab company, summer of 2003

Dear Dr. O,

There are two parts to military intelligence, 'capability' and 'intent'. With nukes capability is not a
question, again it can be driven in on a pleasure boat. So any type of deal must be based on intent.

That so, you can only make such a deal by agreeing first that if any serious talk about nuking comes up in any power, then that power must immediately share all those particulars with the other powers.

Checking mechanisms were constructed through the international criminal empires as well. International financing and banking connections became more important as source.

The Israelis, having wide financial networks were used and thereby gained much influence in what was fast becoming an international 'shadow government.' Notice, that even though the general outline of the 'Balfor Agreement' came after WW I, that the formation of Israel and the necessity of some sort of nuclear bomb controls after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were concurrent.

Historically the 'Great Dispersion' of the Jewish people some many centuries ago made their international financial power and intelligence grow.

With this base of world money connections it became logical that there would be a quid pro quo for them to receive help in establishing a new nation if they would also be part the 'checking mechanisms' for Henry Luce's non-use-of-nukes deal.

To see this most dramatically look in the back section of the book By Way Of Deception by the 'disgruntled' former Mossad officer who wrote the book in Canada.

Though he does not write about such a deal, and may not even know of it, the map of the organization of the Mossad 'desks' is, to say the least, revealing. In that map there was giant variance in the comparative size of the geographical desks...: 1- The sizes of the 'Africa Desk', the 'Europe Desk', the 'Mideast Desk' etc. were all about the same size. 2- The biggest desk of all, giant compared to the others, was the 'Benelux Desk' concerning the three little countries that were once Holland. This emphasized the importance of international finance. 3- Most astounding was that there were NO desks for either the USA or the Soviet Union.

In the USA Mossad activity is by law supposedly 'illegal'. As it would have logically been in the former Soviet Union. This more than strongly hints that they
worked at a level where what we call the 'CIA' or the former 'KBG' were in fact combined operations. There is always, in discussing this issue, the problem that it be considered anti Semitic. However, this is not at all true when fully considering the geographical imperative of history.

The test of logic is..., what is this secret? If logic states that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend', what is the most exquisite secret that could be proposed? Simple, "Let us pretend to be enemies, but be very secret friends at top, with this only we, secretly, will know everything."

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