4 Palestinians arrested after breaching Ben Gurion Airport security

 Brief history of Ben Gurion airport
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 Please pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu as he tries to keep peace within Israel among the Arab Israeli "neighbors". -chosenpeople ministries

 Lydda (Arabic: Al-Ludd اَلْلُدّْ) dates back to at least 5600–5250 BCE. Ramle (ar-Ramlah الرملة), three kilometers away, was founded in the 8th century CE. Both towns were strategically important because they sat at the intersection of Palestine's main north–south and east–west roads. Palestine's main railway junction and its airport (now Ben Gurion International Airport) were in Lydda, and the main source of Jerusalem's water supply was 15 kilometers away.

 In July 1948 Lydda and Ramle had a joint population of 50,000–70,000 Palestinian Arabs, 20,000 of them refugees from Jaffa and elsewhere.[25] Several Palestinian Arab towns had already fallen to Jewish or Israeli advances since April, but Lydda and Ramle had held out.

The IoF took control of Lydda airport on 10 July.
1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and Ramle
Refugees leaving Ramle
Date July 1948
Location Lydda, Ramle, and surrounding villages, then part of Mandatory Palestine, now part of Israel
Also known as Lydda death march
Participants so called Israel Defense Forces, Arab Legion, Arab residents of Lydda and Ramle
Outcome 50,000–70,000 residents fled from, or were expelled by, the IDF

 The Palestinians are now defined as "intruders" and their self defense called "terrorism." It is mere doublespeak to trick the ignorant masses and keep them in place to usurp Palestine and the entire Middle East.

 August 31, 2016

Airport security immediately set into motion its emergency protocol and caught the four, who claimed they entered the airport by mistake, as they attempted to escape.

Security personnel caught and arrested four Arabs in a dramatic late-night chase in the airport on Tuesday night.

The incident began when the four, driving in their car, failed to stop for a routine check at the entrance to the airport.

Airport security immediately set into motion its emergency protocol and set up roadblocks throughout the airfield.

The car sped towards Terminal 3, the airport’s main complex, and was stopped by security only a few hundred yards away from the building.

After the car stopped, two of the passengers disembarked, ran towards a perimeter security fence and attempted to scale it. They were caught and turned over to Israel’s police.

No shots were fired during the incident and no one was injured.

The police identified the four as Arabs with Israeli citizenship, adding that the car was not stolen.

Questioned by police about their motives and the circumstances surrounding the incident, they claimed they had entered the airport by mistake and fled because they were frightened. They were released later on in the day.

The airport administration lauded the security personnel for their prompt and professional response.

Security at Ben Gurion Airport is considered one of the tightest in the world, and after the recent Islamic terrorist attacks on Brussels airport, which highlighted deep security flaws there, airports around the world have turned to Israel for solutions, which it has formulated after years of experience fighting Palestinian terrorism.

After Palestinian attacks on Israeli planes and travelers in the 1970s, Israeli officials put in place several layers of security at the airport in Tel Aviv, meaning a terrorist who escapes notice at one level of security would likely be captured by another.

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