International organization rescues animals from devastated Gaza zoo

 Zookeeper Emad Jamil Qasim looks at the remains of a pregnant camel at the Gaza zoo. A missile fired by Israel.

August 21, 2016

International charity organization Four Paws has rescued animals from a zoo in Gaza after it was deemed “the worst in the world.”

The animals were being “donated” to another, better location because the zoo does not “have the ability to give them anything,” Gaza zoo owner Mohammad Eweda said on Friday

The Four Paws charity said tortoises, an emu and other animals are being taken to Jordan, and the zoo’s single tiger to South Africa.

The zoo is now closed.

Israel's siege of the Palestinian territory has forced Fat'hi Zoo's beloved cubs into a refugee camp

Zoo animals have been rescued from Gaza in the past after Israel attacks on Gaza.

The siege and repeated attacks that Israel has inflicted on Gaza have proven devastating for the zoo.

The problems were especially severe when Israel bombed Gaza for 51 days in the summer of 2014.

During the attack, it was too dangerous for to care for his animals.

“They were also frightened by the deafening sounds of explosions that took place in areas close to the zoo,” he said. “The Israelis wage their war on nearly all facets of normal life in Gaza, even when it comes to poor animals.”

In the aftermath, around every corner, inside almost every cage were dead animals, who had been lying in their cages since the Israeli incursion.

Qasim doesn't understand why they chose to destroy his zoo. And it's difficult to disagree with him. Most of them have been shot at point blank range.

"The first thing the Israelis did was shoot at the lions - the animals ran out of their cage and into the office building. Actually they hid there."

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