IOF fires on Gaza fishermen despite expanded fishing zone

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One Palestinian fisherman is reportedly wounded by Israeli navy fire, four are arrested and their boats seized. The size of the zone where Israel allows Gazans to fish changes at the whims of Israeli military commanders and politicians.

 Israeli naval vessels opened fire at fishing boats off the coast of Gaza this morning (Saturday), but no injuries were reported among fishermen. The incident occurred a day after four fishermen were arrested by the military on Thursday released back into Gaza, one of them wounded.

According to reports Ma'an News Agency , four of them were arrested by the Navy while they were within the range defined by Israel in an area where fishermen are allowed to operate. 

 While the Oslo agreement stated that this field will be 20 nautical miles from the coast, in recent years it has been reduced in turn, within 3-6 miles from the coast, and only last week was expanded to nine nautical miles.

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Four Palestinian cousins killed on beach by Israeli rockets. The Israeli military says it mistook the Gazan children playing on the beach to be Hamas gunmen before killing them.
Israeli military that it was closing its internal inquiry into the killings without any indictments.
Ma'an's report also did not explain whether the boat which opened fire this morning in the area were allowed. The IOF Spokesperson's Office said on behalf of the cases are under review.
Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, Egyptian support, has been going on for almost a decade, and includes a complete closure of the land borders and sea, airspace control and destruction of the airport the only one in Gaza.  

Although Israel pulled its army from the Gaza Strip, it still controls Gaza currency (NIS). It still controls the electricity and water systems. She oversees the census.
Israel also restricts Gazan agriculture, and other industries where the economy depends on the Strip. Recently exposed Israel destroys crops from aerial spraying. Israel that prevents Gazans Internet third generation (not to mention IV) phones. 

  Is controlling the flow of people and goods in the West Bank, recognized even by Israel at the Gaza Strip as a single territorial unit.  

And that's before we talked about the recent wars, destruction, killing more than two thousand people only in the last war, including hundreds of children and the elimination of more than 140 families .

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