Israel tasked with Haj security HAHA

Video just under 3 min. Dijjal is the one-eyed anti-Christ

Everything Islamic is under Zionist control. Dijjal seems to have a special ‘eye’ for Islam! In 2016 G4S boycotted Israel and was targeted for financial ruin via the Orlando shooting Israeli false flag via FL. gov Rick Scott.

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, Al-Aqsa’s Mosque preacher has warned against Israel’s penetration into Arab and Islamic society through this company and pointed out that providing security for Haj pilgrims by Israeli intelligence and security corporation is not permissible or advisable. (this is a joke, Israel penetrated long ago!)

G4S, is an English Israel – linked corporation, which is assigned with the task of providing security for Haj pilgrimage, Israel’s radio website reported.

This Internet source said, Saudi government has signed a contract with this Israeli corporation in order to provide Haj security، during which electronic bracelets are put around Pilgrims’ wrists upon their arrival up to their departure.

This bracelet, equipped with advanced cutting – edge technology, allows foreign intelligence organizations which have strategic relations with Saudi to locate Hajis- Haj Pilgrims – whenever they desire.

This is the Saudi Arabian Police Badge, look carefully. It symbolizes “one-eyed”. This “one-eyed” symbol is used by the Freemasons. Freemasons are the Devil Worshipers. They work in Illuminati. In addition, most of the members of Freemasons are Jews.

This corporation has several branches across Saudi Arabia, in such cities as: Jeddah, Ta’if, Riyadh, and at the time of the events, security operations staff of the Saudi intelligence organization have to obtain information from this Israeli corporation.

This decision regarding Haj security has already sparked complaints from Muslim scholars over the past years.

Another document suggests that Saudi government has also signed a contract with this corporation in order to defend its Southern borders against Houthis attacks.

It is noteworthy to say that G4S is responsible for providing security for Israel regime’s prisons and has equipped this regime with a variety of torture devices as it played an active role in suppressing the Palestinian captives.

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  1. According to opinion of some people, Israel was linked with the hajj attack, but it is not yet found what actually happened. I read a lot of articles on different sites which talked about the Hajj attack.


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