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 Killing 1400 and injuring over 4000 Palestinian civilians was not enough for Israel army, so they attacked Gaza zoo killing the animals in the zoo.

The world has remained cool over the 1,400 Christian and Muslim men, women and children killed by Israel during its 2008 invasion of Gaza—but will they care about the innocent caged animals slaughtered by Israeli soldiers at the little zoo in Gaza?

(GAZA CITY) - Video makes for hard evidence. That is a fact, and police and military groups that overstep the boundaries of decency are increasingly debuting on the worldwide screen through venues like YouTube, much to the chagrin of those who used to get away with much, much more.

The charges this time are against the Israel Defense Force and regard caged animals at the Gaza Zoo. Reporters with American Free Press say the acts were needless.

"Israeli soldiers rampaged through the little zoo and shot as many innocent caged animals at point blank range as they could."

The group suggests that if this wasn't Israel, we would be talking about a worldwide scandal that would make the front page cut of every daily paper and headline every evening newscast.

Those who defend the act suggest that the zoo and its animals were “collateral damage” of war that were unintended. But Zookeeper Emad Jamil Qasim sharply disagrees.

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A Palestinian boy is surrounded by dead animals cares for a wounded horse after Israeli shelling today in the northern Gaza strip on 30th of July

He says the soldiers of this religious state closely allied with the United States, entered the zoo and started shooting. Targets included monkeys in their cages.

"A mother monkey tried to hide with her baby in a clay pot, but the Israelis shot the pot to pieces and killed them," American Free Press stated in a news release.

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Emad Qasim talks about a pregnant camel that was one of the first animals killed. It was actually struck with a small missile according to reports. It is still lying in its cage in the video, and its face betrays the pain of its death from IDF military weapons, likely purchased with U.S. taxpayer funds.

Soldiers reportedly shot at lions in another cage, but they managed to get free and run for safety. The lions as it turns out, hid in one of the zoo offices.

It is reported that the Israelis spared the zoo's foxes, but people at the Gaza Zoo say they later turned on each other for food.

That is reportedly tied to the fact that the IDF would not allow Qasim to get to them in time to feed them.

"The hysterical foxes mauled each other to death in a frenzied act of cannibalism," he said.
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Israel has asserted many times in the past that their military is the "most moral" armed force of any nation on the planet.

But people on the ground there say the real nature of Israeli army’s is not so ideal, and the news of the shocking attack on the Gaza Zoo is one more piece of evidence that wears the "moral army" story down.

This story originally appeared in the January 25th issue of Gulf News, published in Abu Dhabi, and has been repeated on websites on the Internet.

Emad Qasim in Gaza says the Israelis apparently weren’t content with butchering the animals, and reports that the IDF is responsible for defacing the walls of the main building, and also for vandalizing a bathroom.

When asked to speculate as to why the Israelis targeted the zoo, he said, "I don’t know. You have to go and ask the Israelis. This is a place where people come to enjoy themselves. It’s not a place of politics."

"There was not a single person in this zoo. Just the animals. We all fled before they came. What purpose does it serve to walk around shooting animals and destroying the place?"

The zoo had in recent years, become a popular place for the Christian and Muslim children of Gaza.

"There was nowhere else for people to go. The Israelis destroyed the zoo and God’s four-legged creatures therein."

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